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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Chicken Rice in Seri Kembangan

Seri Kembangan is another food heaven if you know how to find your way around the village. Along the main road of Seri Kembangan there are quite a number of very good chicken rice shop/restaurant.

Less than 200 metres from Public Bank, Jalan Kolej, next to an old folks home is Weng Seng Chicken Rice shop. Or better known by the people there as "Fei Low Kai Fan". Address : 259 Jalan Kolej, 43300 Seri Kembangan. Tel : 03-89489724.

There is nothing fancy about this shop. Just your semi concrete and wood "kampung" restaurant". However, the owner had installed air-conditioners at the back portion of the restaurant/shop.

The restaurant have a variety of chicken and pork. Looks yummy.

This small kucing ordered one of its famous dish, steamed "choy yin kai". Normally when you order chicken rice, they will give you some slices of fresh cucumber to go. This shop is special. They give pickled cucumber, which makes the meal more appetising.

The mother cat does not feel like eating rice. She ordered a bowl of mussel with ground nuts porridge. Well, this bowl of porridge definitely taste much better than the Petaling Street porridge.

Apart from that, the shop also offers a variety of soup.

Delicious coconut black chicken soup.

Black Chicken with ginseng root soup

Pork tail soup

Total damage for this meal for 3 person is less than RM40. A very reasonable price.

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