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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Tyre Puncture

This Small Kucing went for a morning walk. Learnt something interesting. A neighbour's car's tyre was punctured. She subscribed to AAM. Thus, rescue is just a phone call away. Though had to wait rather long for the rescue due to peak hour. Traffic jam everywhere.

AAM to the rescue!! Finally arrived. The van quite "old" looking eh.

This skinny man from AAM had us worried for a second. He claims that he had an operation last month to remove his appendices. Dear God, please don't let his wound burst while he is changing the tyre.

He made changing tyre looks like an easy job. Eh! how come he is not sweating at all? A tug here, a knock there and the car is ready for action once again. Really expert. Takes less than 15 minutes.

This is the culprit. A nail indiscriminately "disposed" on the road. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we won't know. But for the past few weeks, this Small Kucing noticed around this area there were two other cars which back tyres were punctured.

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