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Monday, 18 June 2007

Nasi Lemak

This is one of the most popular and common breakfast in Malaysia. Nasi Lemak.
There is one stall nearby my house that sell quite decent Nasi Lemak. I do hate to eat nasi lemak which the rice grain is too soft.
Their "Sambal" is stall is really HOT.
However, there is something "wrong" in the "management" of this stall.
A pack of normal nasi lemak cost RM1. If add "sotong", they charge you RM2-50. I usually buy 2 packets, which cost me RM5.
Then I "discover" a "loophole". Nowadays, I would buy 2 packets of "nasi lemak biasa" and ask them to "bungkus sotong" for RM2. The quantity of "sotong" which they give is quite generous. More than enough to eat with the 2 packets of "nasi lemak".
Well, as Pak Lah say "Change your lifesytle". Have to find ways of saving $$ eventhough it's only RM1.


  1. no wonder Cleff cannot kept her awake with nasi lemak stories!

  2. LOL...I wanna sleep early so that i can wake up to buy nasi lemak...she chat with me till so late i wont get my nasi i revenge and kept her awake with all the nasi lemak la :p


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