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Saturday, 23 June 2007


Oh why!? oh why!? It's not as if the people taking LRT/KTM/Monorail are uneducated. Most are well attired and professional looking. What can't they follow a simple instruction of letting people get off the train before they step in??

When I was working, I hate the morning crowd that gets on the STAR LRT at Bandar Tasik Selatan. No matter the young or old, they would rush in without letting people get off the train. C'mon..STAR LRT is operated by "driver". They won't close the door and move away just like that.

Another irritating thing is seats mean for senior citizens, disable and pregnant woman are "monopoly" by those able body person. It's the case of getting their money worth is it? Paid the fare, so must seat till reach the destination. Those who comes late can stand 'coz "first come first served", right?? Grrrr...

Sometimes I see people giving up their seats to "Ang Moh", around Masjid Jamek area to KLCC. hey! why the double standard? Maybe it's due to Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Putting best foot forward. But what about our malaysian senior citizen or the lady with carrying a kid who were standing next to the "Ang Moh"?

When will we learn.....


  1. cendolabc= hey, did u send this comment to The Star paper? I saw a similar comment on the same topic in the 'Letters to the Editor' column..

  2. Nah..I didn't. But if you are a frequent LRT/KTM commuter, you'll fel the same too.


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