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Thursday, 14 June 2007

FREE Facial Treatment

I went for a FREE facial treatment at a well known professional skin care company today. Was told the package worth RM280 and takes 3 hours which include facial (1.5hrs) and Consultation a.k.a. brainwashing (1.5hr)

Disappointed by their "treatment" there. Not professional at all. Seems to be "Slam! Bam! Thank you Madam" method.

Gave me a whole bunch of questionnaire to fill up. Snap some photos of my skin and say how BAAAAD my skin condition is currently. Usher me to the treatment room.

When I request to visit the ladies prior to the treatment, the consultant was like "Errr...You wanna go to ladies??". As if the question is out of the ordinary. Duh! helllo...if I didn't want to visit the ladies, would I ask the question???

In the treatment room, slap some "soap" on my face and washie washie. Slap a mask on. Left me there for ages. Think she had forgotten me. Then comes in extract a few blackheads, put some cream or something and slap some more mask on. Then, okay done.

Then back to the "brainwashing". Snap some photos of the "Glowing" skin and remarked how my skin is "glowing" from their treatment. Of course it's glowing, after all the cream and moisturiser slapped on.

Many friends told me "Aiya! 1st trial like dat lor. Cincai one lah. Where got give you full treatment one?"

I feel strongly against that. I feel that if they expect me to sign-up package with them, they should have given me their 100% effort and makes me feel that the treatment is worth RM280 eventhough it's Free Trial. These kind of half hearted effort is like false advertisement whereby they say one thing and do another thing.

This is one of the worst 1st trial facial that I've ever been to.

The best would still be a professional skin care company situated behind Central Supermarket at Old Klang Road. The people there really gave me professional treatment and 100% of their effort eventhough they know it's a first trial. For them first impression is the most important. Sadly, many so call "Professional" skin care company doesn't realise this.

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