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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Dumpling Festival

It's that time of the year again "Dumpling Festival". As you probably know, this festival falls on the 5th day of the fifth month of Lunar calender.

Over the years, the price for these rice dumplings(Bak Chang) has increase tremendously. Used to be in the region of 80 sen - 90 sen. Now, the cheapest will be RM2 per dumpling.

Last Sunday, saw Rice Dumpling was featured in a show called "Ho Chak". It's being air every Sunday 6pm in 8TV. Managed to snap some photos of the address for shops that were featured in the show. Sorry about the quality of the photos.

Among all, this shop in Sri Hartamas sells rice dumpling which has scallop in it. Price RM12. Really tempted to try that.

Rice dumpling by this shop are really "special". Not only the "Bak Chang" is wrapped in Bamboo leave, but also wrap with bamboo! Among the ingredients are mouth watering abalone, roast duck, salted eggs and etc. The "bak Chang" is very large and long. I think one of such "Bak chang",adequately feeds 20 people.The price :RM218.

This lady specialises in Vegetarian "Bak Chang" or shall i say "Chai Chang"?? It's good as now, vegetarian gets to enjoy "Bak/Chai Chang" too. If not mistaken, the price is RM3 per dumpling.


  1. Are you sure the last pic sells vegetarian dumpling? the address itself is a dead giveaway, where you might get more than you bargain for!!! what do you think?

  2. Yup, vegetarian "Chang". They show how the "chang" was made.


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