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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Babi Guling at Ubud, Bali

It seems that this stall is very famous in Ubud. Located just opposite the "pasar". It's barely 11am, and many people are Q-ing up for their share of "Babi Guling".We had to wait quite some time before getting a seat.

Tatatataaaa~ the arrival of the "Guest of Honour". The "Babi Guling"

Saliva dripping onlookers are waiting for their order.

This strong lady managed to chop off the "babi" head at a single blow. Fuiyo! I wouldn't dare to cross her.

Add a little bit of this, and a little bit of that....

and is your "babi Guling Rice". Crunchy skin and tender meat with some other stuffs. Be careful. It's very very HOT


  1. Hi small Kucing,

    my name is Novi and I live in Bali.
    I appreciate your post on the Babi Guling. Yes, that is one of the most famous babi guling in Bali.

    please visit my blog when you have th e time:

  2. Hi Small Kucing,

    yes, that is one of the most popular babi guling in Ubud.

    My sister went there for her first time, i haven't, but will be later, and my sister said that was one of the most delicious yet good-valued portion of babi guling she ever had.

    i appreciate u visiting my blog at

  3. Quite a long Q. Very hot. Saw quite a number of people order takeout instead of eating there.


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