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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Very excited. Twenty Six(26!!!) days to the launching of J.K.Rowling final Harry Potter book.

I have my booking receipt with me and hopefully will be able to go early to collect my copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow.

Kinokuniya KLCC is going all out for the launching. On the 21st July, they are going to open their shop at 6.30am and sharp 7.01am they will start selling "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow"

Heard that Kinokuniya will decorate the main entrance according to the theme. There'll be a Gryffindor entrance with the famous Fat Lady Potrait. The Fat Lady will be there to guard the entrance!. She will ask 13 lucky customers for the password and if they got it correctly, they will get mysterious treat.

And the password is................... read StarMag of The Star Newpaper-lah. It will be published, in three parts, one part per week. And when you got the password, let me know so that i can go and collect the goodies..LOL

Sunday, 24 June 2007

More of Petaling Street

At the mention of Petaling Street, what comes to mind would most likely be shops selling cloths, shoes, chinese medicine halls and street vendors selling fake "Rolex","LV" handbag, fruits and food.
Many new generation city dwellers did not know that there is a wet market situated behind the rows of shops. The market opens from morning till late afternoon, about 3pm. Even though if you visit the market in the afternoon, you can still find fresh vegetables, fish, meat and spices. The price of the vegetables are cheaper as compared to others wet market located in residential area
There is also a terrific "makan-makan" place at the back lane next to the market. You can find, Chee Cheong Fun, Yong Tau Foo, Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa and various other types of Malaysian food in this area. Food is reasonably priced. As for cleanliness.... "close one eye" and pray hard. As my ex-boss said "Big germs, eat small germs"(Direct translation from Cantonese)

Saturday, 23 June 2007


Oh why!? oh why!? It's not as if the people taking LRT/KTM/Monorail are uneducated. Most are well attired and professional looking. What can't they follow a simple instruction of letting people get off the train before they step in??

When I was working, I hate the morning crowd that gets on the STAR LRT at Bandar Tasik Selatan. No matter the young or old, they would rush in without letting people get off the train. C'mon..STAR LRT is operated by "driver". They won't close the door and move away just like that.

Another irritating thing is seats mean for senior citizens, disable and pregnant woman are "monopoly" by those able body person. It's the case of getting their money worth is it? Paid the fare, so must seat till reach the destination. Those who comes late can stand 'coz "first come first served", right?? Grrrr...

Sometimes I see people giving up their seats to "Ang Moh", around Masjid Jamek area to KLCC. hey! why the double standard? Maybe it's due to Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Putting best foot forward. But what about our malaysian senior citizen or the lady with carrying a kid who were standing next to the "Ang Moh"?

When will we learn.....

Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Best Roast Duck in Kuala Lumpur

This stall sells the BEST tasting roast duck in the whole Kuala Lumpur. Located in the heart of Petaling street.

Opens at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. and by 2 p.m, the roast ducks would be sold out. If it's Chinese New Year Eve, the stall opens at 4 a.m and sold out by 7 a.m. No joke. People come from near and far to buy their roast ducks as one of the dish for Chinese New Year Eve dinner.
A whole duck cost RM36 while half a duck cost RM18. The "Ngap Kiok Pau" (duck feet with fillings) cost RM1-50 each.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Dumpling Festival

It's that time of the year again "Dumpling Festival". As you probably know, this festival falls on the 5th day of the fifth month of Lunar calender.

Over the years, the price for these rice dumplings(Bak Chang) has increase tremendously. Used to be in the region of 80 sen - 90 sen. Now, the cheapest will be RM2 per dumpling.

Last Sunday, saw Rice Dumpling was featured in a show called "Ho Chak". It's being air every Sunday 6pm in 8TV. Managed to snap some photos of the address for shops that were featured in the show. Sorry about the quality of the photos.

Among all, this shop in Sri Hartamas sells rice dumpling which has scallop in it. Price RM12. Really tempted to try that.

Rice dumpling by this shop are really "special". Not only the "Bak Chang" is wrapped in Bamboo leave, but also wrap with bamboo! Among the ingredients are mouth watering abalone, roast duck, salted eggs and etc. The "bak Chang" is very large and long. I think one of such "Bak chang",adequately feeds 20 people.The price :RM218.

This lady specialises in Vegetarian "Bak Chang" or shall i say "Chai Chang"?? It's good as now, vegetarian gets to enjoy "Bak/Chai Chang" too. If not mistaken, the price is RM3 per dumpling.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Nasi Lemak

This is one of the most popular and common breakfast in Malaysia. Nasi Lemak.
There is one stall nearby my house that sell quite decent Nasi Lemak. I do hate to eat nasi lemak which the rice grain is too soft.
Their "Sambal" is stall is really HOT.
However, there is something "wrong" in the "management" of this stall.
A pack of normal nasi lemak cost RM1. If add "sotong", they charge you RM2-50. I usually buy 2 packets, which cost me RM5.
Then I "discover" a "loophole". Nowadays, I would buy 2 packets of "nasi lemak biasa" and ask them to "bungkus sotong" for RM2. The quantity of "sotong" which they give is quite generous. More than enough to eat with the 2 packets of "nasi lemak".
Well, as Pak Lah say "Change your lifesytle". Have to find ways of saving $$ eventhough it's only RM1.

Ballerina Doll

Around year 1989/1990, there was a fad of knitting ballerina dress for small plastic dolls. The doll was then hang onto the front mirror dolls or glued to the dashboard. I wonder if anyone still remember that fad. At that time nearly every car has one of such decoration.

If I remember correctly, the chubby plastic doll cost 90 sen and the yard cost around RM1-50. One ball of yard is enough to make 1 dress.

A few years back, I saw the doll sold at knitting shop in IOI Mall Puchong for RM7(without the dress). I was like "WHAT???!! Just a 5cm-6cm plastic doll selling for RM7???"

I wonder if any knitting shop in KL area still sell those dolls. If anyone know, drop me a message ya.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Tyre Puncture

This Small Kucing went for a morning walk. Learnt something interesting. A neighbour's car's tyre was punctured. She subscribed to AAM. Thus, rescue is just a phone call away. Though had to wait rather long for the rescue due to peak hour. Traffic jam everywhere.

AAM to the rescue!! Finally arrived. The van quite "old" looking eh.

This skinny man from AAM had us worried for a second. He claims that he had an operation last month to remove his appendices. Dear God, please don't let his wound burst while he is changing the tyre.

He made changing tyre looks like an easy job. Eh! how come he is not sweating at all? A tug here, a knock there and the car is ready for action once again. Really expert. Takes less than 15 minutes.

This is the culprit. A nail indiscriminately "disposed" on the road. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we won't know. But for the past few weeks, this Small Kucing noticed around this area there were two other cars which back tyres were punctured.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

FREE Facial Treatment

I went for a FREE facial treatment at a well known professional skin care company today. Was told the package worth RM280 and takes 3 hours which include facial (1.5hrs) and Consultation a.k.a. brainwashing (1.5hr)

Disappointed by their "treatment" there. Not professional at all. Seems to be "Slam! Bam! Thank you Madam" method.

Gave me a whole bunch of questionnaire to fill up. Snap some photos of my skin and say how BAAAAD my skin condition is currently. Usher me to the treatment room.

When I request to visit the ladies prior to the treatment, the consultant was like "Errr...You wanna go to ladies??". As if the question is out of the ordinary. Duh! helllo...if I didn't want to visit the ladies, would I ask the question???

In the treatment room, slap some "soap" on my face and washie washie. Slap a mask on. Left me there for ages. Think she had forgotten me. Then comes in extract a few blackheads, put some cream or something and slap some more mask on. Then, okay done.

Then back to the "brainwashing". Snap some photos of the "Glowing" skin and remarked how my skin is "glowing" from their treatment. Of course it's glowing, after all the cream and moisturiser slapped on.

Many friends told me "Aiya! 1st trial like dat lor. Cincai one lah. Where got give you full treatment one?"

I feel strongly against that. I feel that if they expect me to sign-up package with them, they should have given me their 100% effort and makes me feel that the treatment is worth RM280 eventhough it's Free Trial. These kind of half hearted effort is like false advertisement whereby they say one thing and do another thing.

This is one of the worst 1st trial facial that I've ever been to.

The best would still be a professional skin care company situated behind Central Supermarket at Old Klang Road. The people there really gave me professional treatment and 100% of their effort eventhough they know it's a first trial. For them first impression is the most important. Sadly, many so call "Professional" skin care company doesn't realise this.

PAY LESS BOOKS' Book Fair @ The Weld

Do I have to say more? A picture worth a thousand words. Yup! The good old Paylessbooks will be having sale at The Weld.
I love Paylessboks!!!!!!!!!!!!! muhahahaha....

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Best Taufu Fah and Soya Bean in KL

Located at Jalan Masjid India. Hidden in the backlane of Guardian, next to a row of Indian apparels shops and near the bus-stop. This is the BEST taufu fah and soya bean stall in KL.

The price is cheap at 60sen to RM1 for the Soya Bean and RM1 for the Taufu Fah.

If you wish to have Taufu Fah, you will to go early as the Taufu Fah would be sold off by 2pm.

Books in Indonesia

Found this book in Kinokuniya at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Was very happy. Wow! PEARL S BUCK book!

Well, that was until I look at the title "Maharani". Flip open the book. Eh! Bahasa Indonesia. Aiyo! I can't read Bahasa Indonesia.

What I discovered in Indonesia is that there are many English books being translated into Bahasa Indonesia. It's not just those Harry Potter or Enid Blyton's books. Some recent titles and those which have been made into movies. Shocking!. Why do we seldom see that in Malaysia? Maybe then Malaysian would read more.

One thing lacking is that the price of the books there is higher if compared to Malaysia.Opps!! hopefully books distributors won't that this chance to increase the price again...

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Bali Bombing Monument at Legian-Kuta

One of the places that we visited is the Monument of the Bali bombing in year 2002. It was buit at the bombing site , Paddy Club and Sari club. This is the monument.

This vacant plot of land is on the next to the Monument. Surrounding this plot of vacant land is busy shops. According to our Guide, the owner does not wish to built anything on the land after it was destroyed in the bombing.

This Star shaped design is build as another remembrance of the bombing. The bomb explode there. Killing many people.

The Monument is made of intristically carved stone. A lot of Bali influence in the carving. On the stab of stone are the names of those killed.

Sad to see so many names there. Many of them are locals name too.
There is a small fountain right in front of the names plate and we were told opposite of it was the former Paddy's Club.

Bali is recovering from the incident. It seems that the subject is a taboo(pantang) there. In the course of "forgetting", I think they have also forgotten to clean the fountain. There is a thick layer of green slime there.

Flower on the pavement!

Uiks! Flower basket on the pavement. Who has been littering? Saw it in front of nearly every shops at Kuta, Bali.

What a waste? Why did the people put the basket on the pavement? The basket looks like is weave from Coconut or pandan leaf. In it, there are some flowers, food and joss-stick.
Later, our tour guide informed us that the shop-keeper pray 3 times a day; morning, noon and before the sun set. They will put offering to appease the God in front of their shop in the form of these basket.

Wow! though the flowers aren't the expensive type. Can be found at the road side or anyones backyard, the way they arrange the flowers and titbits are really creative. Each basket is different. Amazing.

Monday, 11 June 2007


This morning I was happily going about my business. Got down from LRT at Dang Wangi station. Walking towards Wilayah Complex.

Just imagine by being confronted with the this!!!

And this ...And this!!???

Mud! Mud! Mud everywhere...mud fill Wilayah Complex area and the shops nearby.

A staff from an insurance company nearby lamented that the computers in his office are to be written-off as have been submerged under water

When I arrive to my hme sweet home, only did I know that yesterdayrain had caused one of the worst flood in the KL City Center.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Babi Guling at Ubud, Bali

It seems that this stall is very famous in Ubud. Located just opposite the "pasar". It's barely 11am, and many people are Q-ing up for their share of "Babi Guling".We had to wait quite some time before getting a seat.

Tatatataaaa~ the arrival of the "Guest of Honour". The "Babi Guling"

Saliva dripping onlookers are waiting for their order.

This strong lady managed to chop off the "babi" head at a single blow. Fuiyo! I wouldn't dare to cross her.

Add a little bit of this, and a little bit of that....

and is your "babi Guling Rice". Crunchy skin and tender meat with some other stuffs. Be careful. It's very very HOT

Want To Die. Go elsewhere-lah!

These image were captured on 27th May 2007, 12.30pm. On the road/highway going from PJ to Sunway/Federal Highway.
There were 5 motobikes. Fooling around in the middle of the road. Two were using their leg to push the one infront.
At a glance, thought the front motorbike have konk-out. Thus need to be "push".
After the toll, I actually discovered that the motorbike is alright. No engine problem.
Just some stupid fella fooling around on the road. Wonder where they got their licence(if they have any)?
If wanna die, got elsewhere-lah. On the road, should a car hit them, the car would be at fault eventhough they are the ones fooling around. There is a chinese saying "if want to die, don't trouble the neighbours!"

Nice view

I went for a holiday recently.

The hotel have a very nice view from the balcony of it's lobby.

Who can resist snapping some photos? Here is one of the tourist snapping photos from the balcony

Not only it's a nice view from the balcony. It's also nice view from the greenish blue sofa.

Unwittingly, she has also "accorded" some "view" for those sitting below should they glance up to the balcony. Aiyo! Ah time watch where you stand-lah

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