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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Paylessbooks at KL International Book Fair in PWTC

KL International Book Fair is back again. Same place. PWTC.

If you didn't know, I might as well warn you now. I am NUTS about books. As ah longs chase after those who owe them money, I chase after books sales..muhahaha..

And my favourite company is PAYLESSBOOKS. They really offer the best price for the best books, no doubt it's 2nd hand. What-the-heck! a book is a book. Brand new or second hand or whatever, it's fine with me as long as it's a good book.

Same as previous year, this year Paylessbooks(PLB) have booths at the fair too.

Wow! This year PLB booths at KL International Books Fair really ROCKS!! Good venue, more booths (4 booths No 21-24) and large variety of books.

The books are neatly arranged on the shelves and categories.

Wow! found one Kurt Vonnegut book, "Jailbirds". Saw books by Amy Tan, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archers, Stephen Kings and some really hard to find books.

The staffs there kept replenishing the stock.
Notwithstanding that the price is normal PLB shop price but there is additional offer of buy 1 Free 1 or buy 2 Free 1 on certain categories of books.

Apart from PLB, I managed to "peek" at other offers too. You might wanna check out SELVAN. A few booths away from PLB. brand new books buy2 for RM30.

Glad that the organiser decided to hold the KLIBF at the Halls instead of like last year by the riverbanks. Much nicer to walk and cooler too. Hey! the Fair is not over yet. It's till 2nd May 2007. Still have time to go

This is my first blog

Testing! testing! 123..

Wow! this is my very first blog.

I am still like a small kid given a crayon and doesn't what to do with it.

Well, lets hope that it gets better with time
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