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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Relocation and Major Considerations

The Moving Process and Considerations

The thought of moving to a brand new place can be extremely tempting. It can also be a pretty confusing concept. Choosing to relocate can be tough. That's due to the fact that there are all sorts of things that go into complex relocation efforts. Moving to a new place requires starting over in many different ways. It can make people feel pretty helpless and out of sorts, too. If you're thinking about moving somewhere entirely new, then you need to be as efficient as possible, no two ways about it. Lack of efficiency can lead to a moving situation that's rather chaotic and unpleasant. People have to consider their budgets prior to planning for moves as well. Moving calls for concentrating on all kinds of expenses. Recruiting a professional moving business like North American Van Lines involves a lot of in-depth preparation. If you're the kind of person who appreciates efficiency and pure ease, then you may be a rock-solid candidate for professional moving business recruitment.

When Is Recruiting Professional Movers Wise?

Moving isn't something that's cheap for anyone. That's the reason that people sometimes think twice prior to recruiting professional assistance. Getting assistance, however, is often more than worth it. Moving is a complicated thing that can be so intricate that it can make people feel rather insane. If you want to be able to maintain full sanity, then it may be smart to recruit professional movers who have lots of training and experience under their belts. The assistance of tried and tested professional movers may be beneficial for keeping you moving in the right direction. It may be beneficial for stopping you from experiencing burnout that can negatively affect your progress, too. If you like the concept of being able to save a substantial amount of time, then you may want to hire a suitable firm. If you like the idea of being able to reduce your expenses, then you may want to hire a firm as well. 

If you hire professionals to tackle your relocation mission, you don't have to think about anything that involves rounding up supplies and tools. That's because professional movers already come equipped with all sorts of things that are vital for moving glory. They have dollies that can make transporting massive furniture pieces from one location to the next a lot easier and more rapid. Dollies can also prevent people from injuring themselves. Relocation can often be a pretty strenuous thing. It can sometimes make people vulnerable to all kinds of unpleasant physical traumas. If you recruit movers, you can spare yourself a lot of possible discomfort. 

Working alongside professional movers can be helpful to people who are on the lookout for guidance. Movers have substantial backgrounds in their fields. That's the reason they can often answer relocation questions in significant detail. If you want to learn about all of the most effective packing practices, they can guide the way for you. Don't forget that many reputable moving businesses also offer their own packing specialties. If you allow professionals to manage all of your packing requirements, you can save yourself a lot of time. You can also safeguard your items. If you're not a professional, you may not grasp all of the safest and most efficient packing techniques that are appropriate for delicate and feeble items. If you want to defend your favorite family antiques and heirlooms from possible destruction, then teaming up with bona fide professionals can do a lot for your overall peace of mind.

You don't ever want to make the mistake of hiring any kind of moving company at random. These kinds of businesses are totally different. You need to go above and beyond to select a company that makes you feel fully at ease. Speak with any and all moving company representatives prior to making a choice. Ask them all sorts of relevant questions. If you come across any company that makes you feel at ease, then that's definitely a terrific thing. You should never settle for hiring professional movers who are only in it for their paychecks. You should strive for professionals who have genuine zeals for all relocation plans.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre Earth Day Celebration 2019

Last weekend we were roped in to help out with the Earth Day Celebration at Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre. It was fun.

As it was quite a last minute thingy, Mamarazzi only managed to propagate a few plants  to be given out during the Earth Day Celebration.

Our dog also was called to guard the "Black Gold". It's actually used coffee ground that Papa collected from Starbucks. Mamarazzi dries them and packed them in newspaper. These were given out during the Earth Day Celebration.

Here is the venue.

Got there early and help out a bit. 

The forever cheerful Aunty Karen and Dr Azila  were there already when we arrive. They were arranging the plants.

No explanation needed, I guess. free food too. But have to wait for the speeches to be over first. 

Meantime, the kind Uncle Gary treated me to Nasi Lemak while waiting for the Plant Exchange and adoption to begin. 

There were games too  for kids.... and adults.

If you win, you get to choose a prize. 

Informative speech by Datin Sivamani

After  speeches from various VIP, it's finally "chow" time. ... 

Oppsss.... I mean plant adoption time.  Wow... so many people interested to adopt the plant. It's nice to see that. 

Following are two videos. One by Mamarazzi and one by me. 

Video by Mamarazzi

The following is video by me. Hope you don't get dizzy watching it. Am still newbie. recorded using Mamarazzi's hands me down phone. 

Okay.... till we "meet" again next time. 

Friday, 5 April 2019

March - Qingming, Eat and Eat and Eat


The next morning woke up early... not that early la but 6.30am coz going for QingMing. It's Chinese traditional festival . Qingming is Tomb-Sweeping Day. This year it's on 5th of April but can do it 2 weeks early.

It's my first time going for this. The night before, Papa told me a few "Do Not". DO NOT speak nonsense at graveyard. DO NOT simply pick up anything and bring home. DO NOT answer when hear people call my name. Guess, this is the only time I can ignore when I hear my name being called.

And it's the only time I get to "play" with fire. I was "in-charge" of burning offering to my ancestors.

After finish the offering, it's time for us to cari makan . Went and bought delicious "roti paung" and Nasi Minyak for breakfast.

Previously I did not like Nasi Minyak. But this time, am crazy about Nasi Minyak. Day and night also want to eat that. That day I had Nasi Minyak for breakfast , lunch and dinner!

Dinner was with Papa's friend. We went somewhere around Marang. Service was slow . Thus, I have time to play with my "new"/inherited phone.

Snapped some selfie

Some seaside scene. 

Wefie with Mamarazzi

Finally food was served. The fried prawns were cold but the Keropok Lekor and the fried sotong was good. Still not satisfied. I suggested we go have second round dinner at Warung Katana. The Keropok Lekor there was yummy. 

Papa said okay and off we went. Yahoo!

Stop by Warung NorAzila to tapau some nasi minyak as Papa's friend  have not eaten that for long time. I also want la. 

At Warung Katana we did not ordered much. Just ordered seafood tomyam , ABC and salted fish fried rice. The food was yummy

And of course the Keropok lekor. Gone in a blink. 

I had Nasi Minyak. Niceeeeeeee....

Next day its time to go home lo. But before that, must stop at Gerai Warisan Losong to buy some vacuum packed keropok lekor to bring home. 

And some to eat in the car... Hey... those things behind there not all mine ah... some are "Courier Service"  things.

Hey! They have expanded. They were selling Sata/Satar too. It's a traditional food. Fish paste mixed with some birds eyes chili and dunno what then grill.

Mamarazzi wanted to buy fish from Temerloh . So we stopped there for lunch. This time we went to a new shop instead of to the Esplanade. 

We went to Go Bang Maju  Patin Tempoyak. It's a self service type of restaurant. Very organised.  There is a counter where customer can go and take their food. Each dish is put into small individual plate and bowls  and price is stated clearly there. 

I only took fried chicken with rice. But Papa and Mamarazzi had the Ikan Patin with tempoyak. Wah... Mamarazzi said super spicy but nice.  Can't stop eating. 

Spicy ah... had to cool down the tongue with an ice cream or two. 

As we start journey again, I was hungry again. Found the nasi minyak that Mamarazzi packed for me in the morning.  Second round of lunch. 

As I was having my second round of lunch, Papa and Mamarazzi went to buy Patin fish to bring home, 

Tummy full...happy already... can zzz now. Can continue our journey home.

Stop by Bukit Tinggi to buy  steamed peanuts and some raw peanuts. Don't know why the peanuts here taste nicer.

Arrived home around 8pm. Traffic was rather heavy. The dog was super happy to come home after a few days in boarding. Tail wagging non-stop. 

Next day, stayed home and rest coz school re-opens on Monday.... sobs.... 

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

March-Books Sale, Trip and Balik Kampung

I thought we were done with March but it seems not. Mamarazzi was tempted by members in FB to go for Popular sale at Viva. She went to Popular Starling and Borders sale without me. So when I heard she wanna go to Popular sale at Viva, die die I also wanna follow. 

On the way there, stopped and refuel. A friend text her saying that COSTA COFFEE is offering free coffee at SHELL petrol station. Ngum ngum we were there. Just nice. I managed to get a cup of free chocolate drink for myself and one iced latte for Papa. Hey, the Iced Chocolate drink taste very good leh. 

Arrived at Viva, we split up. I went hunting for my books and Mamarazzi went hunting for my books(LOL).

Seems like at Viva the offer is better than Starling . A lot of RM20 for 5 books around. We managed to find a lot of good books

I found the books I wanted too and some stationery. Some have 90% discount tags.

Since its so cheap, Mamarazzi also bought some for friends' kids

Here Mamarazzi managed to find a few books for herself. Choice not as good as Starling but better than when compared to previous year , zero. 

Mamarazzi didn't expect to be able to get that many good books  but we end up with a few bags full. Not bad ..not bad at all.

Didn't bring enough recycle bags. Had to buy a recycle bag from them as they don't have plastic bags nor box.

 Can't wait for dig into my new books. 

That day, we also managed to get Secret Recipe "buy 2 Free 1" offer. Nice to have cake while reading. 

The next day, I went for a trip. 

We visited Yakult Factory, Seremban Cultural Museum and play at Funtopia. It was super duper fun. Didn't snap any photos coz Mamarazzi don't let me bring camera. the photos are from my teacher. 

Came back from trip, I  was hyper. Can't sleep but next morning had to wake up at 4.30am. 

Yup... off we went. Back to hometown we go. Brought along a pillow so that I can sleep in the car. It's a 6 hours journey but in between we did stopped to have breakfast with our friends. Forgotten to snap photos of the nice nasi lemak and nasi minyak that we had.

Stopped awhile to visit Papa's colleague and saw some oil palm trees. Picked up and oil palm seed.

We finally reached our destination around 1pm.... but 1st stop....Losong... to buy yummy Keropok Lekor from Keropok Warisan Losong Shop. Wah... this shop is getting famous leh. Foreigners also know to come and eat here.

Hot... hot... hot...but it's so... so... so... YUMMY....

That night we went to Warung Katana for dinner. No photos coz was too dark and hungry. We had fried Sotong(squid), fried keropok Lekor, grilled fish, vegetables, noodle, ABC , drinks and it cost RM77 only.

Shall I continue this post? I think better not... need to break it into 2 posts as many more photos to come. So see you again soon. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

March-Nursery Visits, RFID, Books Sale And Food

March starts with nursery visits. I followed Mamarazzi and her friends for plant hunting at Sg Buloh. Loads of plants selling at a very cheap price there.

Very hot day. Yea... we are having crazy weather this month. Temperature goes up to 35 °C . Sweating like mad.

Oh ya.. I've got a new bicycle. Thank you very much Uncle Tan for the bicycle. Now I can zoom here and there liao.

Our car got fitted with RFID liao. Now it's still trial period, so it's free. Very fast and convenient. So far so good.

Those who have not apply for RFID yet, better hurry. Heard that this is going to replace Smart Tag. Not sure if it is true.

Last Friday Mamarazzi went nuts ... she went to TWO books sale WITHOUT me!! How can!!!???? She went for the Popular Clearance sale at Starling Mall. She was happy with it. Plenty of good condition books as compared to last year sale at Viva. ....but but but... that was till she saw in FB the spread offered at VIVA... wah.... seems to be better than Starling wor. More RM20 for 5 books there than at Starling.

Nevertheless, she managed to get these for me. Some stationery and some comics for me.

Some Chinese books for me. She had to ask the staffs there to translate since I was not there to help. Huhuhu... see! See! See! that's the result of not bringing me along.

Surprisingly, she managed to get some books for herself/ She had stopped buying books for herself for sometime. She said she is looking forward to read the book about Chin Peng. I have no idea who he is.

Some more Papa and Mamarazzi went to eat Non-halal Banana Leaf rice without me. Yea... you read correctly. It's non-halal as they offered pork  in their menu. Papa ordered wild boar curry. Mamarazzi said she still preferred the good old style Banana Leaf Rice instead of this.

After re-charged her energy, she went for second books said pulak. It was Borders Sale at Evolve Concept Mall. Actually she was looking for more FIXI books but can't seems to find any. Managed to dig up 3 books. Offer not as attractive as Popular sale.

No Banana Leaf Rice to eat... what do I eat? I eat books lo. Huhuhu....

Came home and the 2 combs of Banana that Uncle Eric gave had ripen. The next day Mamarazzi went and fried banana for us to eat. Yipee... so nice to eat. Not like the ones bought from stall. 
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