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Friday, 24 October 2014

Roasted Buah Peruh.

Still remember Mamarazzi blogged about buah peruh earlier? 

The ones we bougt was "rebus"(boiled) ones. Mamarazzi saw in Pasar Payang selling some raw ones ...hmm....since the Buah Peruh tasted nice....why not buy some and bring home leh.... So she bought half kg la...RM8/kg. 

Come home already...lazy to boil pulak coz the lady said need to boil at least 2hours for it to be soft. 

Pakai hentam....throw into oven. Maybe can roast la. 

At first she thought if throw into oven...put some salt on top of the Buah Peuh...when heated the shells would pop and the salt will drop in....

Hmmm....unfortunately thought the shell not that hard but still it did not pop ... Oh well long did she roast them ya.....errr.....Roasted till got "hangus" (burnt) smell lo. Coz search in the internet, no guide noted on how long should she roast them. 

Peeled the shell...ah....lucky...tarak hangus. Mamarazzi said taste like almond wor.... Nice.... time can balik kampung and borng more to make roasted Buah Peruh. Much cheaper than those roasted nuts out there leh.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Warung Katana, Kuala Trengganu (Revisited)

This was grandaunt have never been to Warung Katana before. Thought she would have known this fabulous makan place.

Papa ordered ABC with ice cream . One for himself and one for grandaunt.

Me merajuk coz Mamarazzi said I ate too much Ice cream liao. Cannot eat. But in the end, Papa let me eat some also la

Ordered a plate of freshly fried Keropok lekor. Wadui.....taste so so so nice leh.....just the right level of crispiness.

One plate was not enough. Ordered one more plate.

Mamarazzi wonders where they sourced the keropok lekor from. Next time must really ask them.

Mee lakna for me

Too much vegetable eh...can anyone help me to makan some? Lucky Papa and Mamarazzi "helped". 

Mamarazzi ordered wrongly...should be simple garlic stir fried kangkung but dunno why she blur blur sotong ordered Kangkung belacan. True enough....they even put in some sotong for Mamarazzi who was blur blur sotong.

Jeng! Jeng! Tomyam that is not pedas(Spicy) our request. The Chef must be very puzzled...where got people have Tomyam but don't want to taste the spiciness.  Weird.

Well, at least Mamarazzi had her favourite Grilled fish. Too big leh the fish but that was the smallest they had there. Papa and Grandaunt helped to finish off the fish.  Yums.

Total bill comes up to RM70+. Not exactly cheap but at least it was not cut throat . Food was good. Tummy full liao...nice to zzzz leh.

Can't find the exact address but it's at Jalan Kuala Hiliran, Kuala Trengganu ...right behind of Wisma KOGURU. (GPS : 5.320418, 103.128734)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kuih-Muih Hunting at Pasar Payang, Kuala Trengganu.

Papa missed Kuih Bom and that morning we went hunting in Pasar Payang. Grandaunt recommend we go to this Gerai Kuih Pok Him. He have a very large variety of kuih-muih at his stall.

Sooooo many kuih....which one to choose? Love the price being display up there 

Going to Pasar Payang, sure have to buy these triangle "ketupat" too. Basically it's glutinous rice wrapped in Daun palas(palm leaves). Papa loves them...especially the deep fried ones.

There are load of stuffs being sold in Pasar Payang.

Next stop was hunting for pickled fruits. Mamarazzi likes to buy from a stall outside the pasar as it have a bigger variety and price much cheaper too.

Duku season was on at that time. Very cheap. Roughly RM1/RM2 a kilo.

Spotted...this Roti Jala Emas. According to the lady, she uses duck eggs to make this. 

Taste? hmmm.....dunno leh..have to ask Papa. 

End of the trip.......bought a jar of Pickled Buah Salak, Pickled Petai and Salted Duck Eggs. 

But....not before detouring to Losong to grab some Keropok Lekor to bring home. 

Hey! Now the Gerai Warisan Losong 14 have vacumm packed Keropok lekor leh. ! Price still the same Big ones RM1 a piece while small ones are RM1 for 5pieces.

Pasar Payang were selling RM1.20 a piece for the big ones. But the size are slightly bigger than the ones at Warisan Losong 14 lah. 

As for taste....both also have lotsa fish. Mamarazzi likes the one from Warisan Losong  14 while Papa likes the ones from the Pasar Payang. 

As for say lo...drink cold orange juice from my new tumbler. Got it from Auntie CC who bought it for me during the Kuantan Big Bad Wolf Books Sales.

By the way....the main Big Bad Wolf Books Sale will be from 5th-16 December 2014 at MIECC, Seri Kembangan. It will be 278 hours non-stop sale! For more information check out their Facebook at Mamatazzi is trying to win us some Preview Passes there. Hopefully can get la this year.....You can too coz now, on and off they are giving out Preview Passes in FB. Good Luck! and wish us luck too.

Monday, 20 October 2014

To The Beach - Pantai Batu Buruk. K.Trengganu

Balik cerita lama........basi dah.....The reason why I no mood to eat was this.

 Excited to go to the beach. Not for swimming as the sea here was too rough. I wanna play the plane that Auntie CC gave me.

Whoooosh! see how it fly..It's like a boomerang. It will fly back to my hand...or supposed to do that lah.

Mamarazzi said beware of shark! But I don't see any shark leh...mana? Bluff me lah. 

Hahaha! I found something on the beach.

Mini "durian" wanna eat? 

Strong erosion here....most of the chair placed along the beach for visitors are slowly sinking...

Guess strong wind is the reason for it. this is not by the seaside but not that faraway. The tanglung (lanterns) should be downwards but...

...the wind was so strong that the tanglungs "floated' up like balloons instead.

But it's sure nice to see our flag flying up high and strong there.

Wonderful aren't it?

Friday, 17 October 2014

I Choose My School Bag from LAZADA

 Complain!!!!!! My schoolbag "rosak" liao. There is a hole at the bottom of my school bag where my stuffs will drop out leh.....

Asked Mamarazzi to get new school bag for me but she said Papa working leh. No time to go shopping for school bag leh.

Then Mamarazzi went chatting with Auntie YL about school bags. She told Mamarazzi that her son needs at least 2 school bags leh as there will be a lot of books and homework for primary school. One bag for Text books and one bag for homework. Said better to get it now before the year end rush.

She highlighted to Mamarazzi that when she is not free to go shopping, she will go to coz it's user friendly and she love the C.O.D (Cash on delivery) option that Lazada have there.

Immediately Mamarazzi login and check out what school bags they have in Lazada.

Hey! they have Poly-Pac School Bag leh. If Mamarazzi not mistaken, Auntie Yannie blogged about her daughters using Poly-Pac School Bag before. Good and durable brand leh.

 There were many choices and brand there but I wanted this one. Some how it caught my eyes.

Not only that....I spotted a lot of Kid's Stuff in site leh. There stuffs for boys and girls.....there are toys (yippeeee!!!!) , books, food, furniture and etc ! Hard to believe? Don't. You can check out them out under - Kids Stuff. Ahem ahem....Christmas is coming.....wink wink.....


"Bodek" Mamarazzi to buy for me. She immediately placed the order in the evening of 7th October. Immediately after placing the order, she was surprised that she received SMS notification that they have received my order leh.

By 10th October, my new school bag arrived liao! So efficient leh.

 But her Rice Cooker which was ordered at the same time did not arrive leh. She received and SMS stating the order have been cancelled as the item is out of stock. A refund is being process.

She was disappointed but delighted coz they process the refund without her having to chase and chase leh. That is one less grey hair on her head then.

Guess, from this positive experience ....she will continue to shop with not only because got the discount voucher that come with my schoolbag order but also due to it being easy and convenient. And most important for her is COMMUNICATIONS. the company have a good delivery system whereby Mamarazzi can check her order at any time. They even provide her with the tracking number for her order leh. Good , right?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Restoran Kar Heong , Petaling Jaya

 Wah...during the run no feel hungry leh...but now after the run baru feel darn hungry. Ate liao the Banana that they give to the runners yet still feels hungry leh. Regret didn't ask for more Banana from the Volunteers.

Wanted to go the to the Chicken Rice Shop near the LRT station but it was closed for renovation. Then Mamarazzi said go eat Beef Noodle la. 

On our way to the restaurant, Mamarazzi spotted this Restoran Kar Heong pulak. outlet ah. Mamarazzi said let's go and try out this out let la.

When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to see the staffs are the same ones from the Kota Damansara outlet . Ohhh!! this is where the Kar Heong Restaurant from Kota Damansara moved to la.

 Ordered half  a steam chicken. 

 A plate of fat fat Ipoh Taugeh. 

 Put the chicken meat and taugeh into the delicious bowl of Hor Fun......

Oooooh.... slurps...still as good as when it was in Kota Damansara.

Love this new location. Parking is much easier to find than when it was in Kota Damansara.

Here is the address Restoran Kar Keong , No 18 Jalan SS4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My First Time : Kids Dash - Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon

Ni gara-gara influence from Auntie Lina. Mamarazzi registered me for the SCKLM 1km Kids Dash.  Went and collected my running "dashing" kit on Friday.

The place was well planned. At the time collection, there was no crowd.  Kids Dash Counter was managed by two person. One Jie Jie giving out the running kit for the Kids Dash while another Kor Kor was doing it for Bulk Collection.

There was a man in front of us so we queue up waiting for the Jie Jie  The Kor Kor's counter was empty that that moment. Two more ladies came asking the Kor Kor is it place to collect running Kit for Kid Dash. He said yes but he is in-charge of Bulk Collection. have to wait for the Jie Jie.

Guess maybe the Kor Kor paiseh as he was doing nothing at that moment, so he called us and help up his colleague lor.

Mamarazzi asked the Kor Kor whether parents are allowed to accompany the child to run as she was worried that I might "sesat"(lost) coz there will be a huge crowd on that day. The Kor Kor replied no. Parents have to wait at Parent/guardian area.

The night before, Mamarazzi kept reminding me if at the finish line cannot see her, REMEMBER to ask a Volunteer to bring me to the Parents/Guardian Area. That makes me nervous leh.

Just nice fit.

 Alamak! Papa said if no "bulu ketiak" (armpit hair) cannot run wor.....

That morning we went out of the house very early. Papa drove and drove and drove...finally arrived at LRT station. Can't drive all the way to Dataran Merdeka  as there were major roads closure  for this event.  Found a parking after a few round.

Took LRT down to Masjid Jamek. Bravo to Kelana Jaya LRT station management as they assign  a staff to man the ticketing machine. Good leh. Like this Mamarazzi won't need to waste time to "analyse" how to get the token.

Note: Remember to buy two way tickets. We didn't think of that hence had to queue up long to buy ticket during the return trip journey.

Arriving there am so so so "tension". Excited also have...scared also have....determination also have.... 

But all fly out the window when I met friends there. Mamarazzi was wondering what the two cheeky boys planning....see the eyes......

 Walking toward Royal Selangor Club where the event will be flag off I saw many people snapping photos and making funny poses.

Saw some guys biting their medal and take photo. I told them cannot bite the medal and one of the guys told me say the medal taste like chocolate leh. .....

 That way!

Waiting to be flag off. Arrived there the "DJ" announced that for those parents who wanna follow the kids during the run may do so but stand behind.

Mamarazzi initially wanted to follow me coz scared I'll be lost but Papa said no need la. Let me be la. Big boy already. Won't be lost punya la.

 Very "kan cheong" The guy say FOLLOW THE PINK BALLOONS. And that there will be ambulance following us at the back.

For those who cannot go on running at anytime, he/she may just stop and flag down the ambulance. The ambulance will take care of us.

 Mamarazzi trying to spot me......can you find where am I? So many kids in front of me. And then there was the countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... BOOOOOOM! There we went.

Papa and Mamarazzi walked across the field towards the Parents/Guardian area. According to the map given, the Guardian waiting area is after the finish line.

When they front of the Guardian area there were lanes like "supermarket Check-out Lanes". Most kids have arrived and some parents went inside of the lanes searching for their kids.

Mamarazzi panic liao when she didn't see me coming out of the lane coz she showed me the map mah ...said she will be at parents guardian area which is after the Finish Line. Map didn't have "supermarket lanes" leh.

When I couldn't see Mamarazzi.. I asked the volunteers where is the Parents area and they kept  telling me to go to the lanes queue up.

I managed to worms and dodge my way to the end of the lane and spotted Mamarazzi. She was happy when she saw me. She told me I have to go queue up and collect my Medal and Certificate. Again I ular-ular to the back of the queue to queue up.

5 mins....10 mins...still no sight of me. The queue was thinning. Mamarazzi panic again... worried that I might have slipped out of the collection area. There were too many parents inside and outside of the area and not enough Volunteers monitoring and checking the correct parents collected the child. A kid could have slipped out with Volunteer thinking he/she running to their parent/guardian .

But later on, more Volunteers came and helped and orders was restored. I was finally reunited with Mamarazzi.

Suggestion to the organiser :

- Please inform the parents about the Race Pack Collection lanes at the time collection of Running Kit or before the flag off.

- To announce during the flag off, what the kids will expect when they reach the finish line....such as they are supposed to immediately queue up for Race Pack Collection and go to the exit where Volunteers will match the parent/guardian with the correct kid. No parent, no exit lane. 

- have ample volunteers manning the exit so that parents cannot slip into the collection lanes to search for their kids.

This will surely reduce the anxiety level for parents/guardian whose kids running for the first time. 


Hmmm....first thing  first........the two men just now said the medal taste like Chocolate... let me bite and see...

YUCK!!! bluff me one leh.....not taste like chocolate geh.....

Despite everything.... I had fun la..... 

 I had a medal and a cold 100 Plus. Yup...all the rest of the kids got not chilled 100Plus but I managed to "bodek" a volunteer to give me a chilled one.  Hehehehe...

Will I run again next year? Hmmmm.......

Made a mistake of not buying two ways tickets. Queue up long time at the LRT ticketing counter. Next time must remember buy two ways! 

Adoi...some when arrive at the machine baru wanna korek money out . *pengsan*. 

When we got to the platform, it was full....after some waiting....the train that is going towards KLCC arrived. as excpected, not many went in. Mamarazzi pulled Papa and me into that train . said go one station up to catch the opposite direction. Quite a number of people also got the same idea as Mamarazzi. 

Yup! we all went up one station and caught the next train down. Managed to get seats too. No need to become "sardines" 

So you'll probably think next stop will be going home, right? hehehe.... can you guess next stop is where?

Committed, Confident, Courageous.


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