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Monday, 16 May 2016

ECover Zero Non Bio Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner

Hello again. Been missing for a month but I still remember I owe you all the complete story of what happened to my stinky lamb lamb after using ECover Zero products, right? 

What is this Ecover? Well, Ecover is the LARGEST green company in UK(not Ulu Klang, ok) . This company focuses in 2 main objectives that is to make effective and phosphate-free cleaning products AND to reduce the environmental impact when comes to cleaning agent. 

Ecover is not a new company. It's set up and well established since 1980 . Nearly as old as Mamarazzi. It has been a household brand for more than 20 decades. This of course shows how well accepted the products of the company are. If the product is not good, company would have "bungkus" long time ago. 

It reach the shores of Malaysia in 2013 and the products are available at Jaya Grocers, Village Grocer and Big. Now, there is a new  range of Ecover products which is called ECover Zero Range. This new range is especially crafted  for people like Mamarazzi who have young children at home, those who have sensitives skins and those who cares about the environments
(poster taken from wikipedia)

Just like Ecover Zero range of products, Unifi had also finally reached our area and Mamarazzi had gone "dotty".   Who doesn't know the above poster ? The fad had finally reached Mamarazzi. Finished with DOTS, followed by a few others pulak.

Meantime,  my Cikgu also complaint about me ...which in turn made Mamarazzi gone ballistic. Exam was around the corner. I tried every trick to escape. Including offering to do laundry  coz I know we have got ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid. That detergent will not "burn" my hands if I use it. However, Mamarazzi said no.Still have to do revision despite all my scheming.

Anyway, back to the story. I heard that Lamb-Lamb put up a struggle as Mamarazzi threw him into the washing machine.

Used ECover Zero on him.

Used 2 cups of the detergent on him.

It's a good thing that ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid cups is small size. It's very cost saving. Mamarazzi loves the non drip cup design. 

Added ECover Zero Fabric Conditioner for the extra softness.

 Just two cups for the additional softness.

Result? Lamb Lamb came out much cleaner and a bit more fluffier than the time he went into the washing machine. Lucky for ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid is not scented. At least I get the neutral smell instead of floral smell. 

As for the rest of the clothes that went in with lamb-lamb, Mamarazzi can say that they came out pretty clean. The result is satisfactory. Towels also felt soft.

 But poor at last weekend (exam finally over)  , I had to takeover washing my school uniform again. Mamarazzi helped me to soak them overnight in ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid overnight. Next day, I wash them .

Lucky for me that it is gentle on the fabrics and on my hands too. It did not cause the skin of my fingers to peel. My only grouse is that it doesn't have much "bubbles".  I don't get to play with the bubbles lo. 

Looks like Mamarazzi will have to stock up more of ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner  as it suits my skin very much. Ecover Zero Range is available no in Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Ben's and also easily purchase online through

Friday, 22 April 2016

Old Friends Meet Up in Papparich, NuSentral

Mamarazzi received message from Uncle Twilight Man saying that there will be a meet up with Aunty Wenn to see her before she took the train home. Mamarazzi immediately said okay. 

All very punctual. Arrive on time. All the happy face ....errr ...except mine. Grouchy....haven't "activate" my happy mood yet. Just wait la till my happy mood activated. Ate ice cream and pretty soon my 'happy mode"  was activated. Mamarazzi said poooooooor Uncle Sherman. 

Aiyo....let me tell you ah...each time meet up sure they come with bag full of gifts to exchange. Each time they say they will come empty handed but each time still have barang. So funny one leh. 

On top of that, Uncle Twilight Man also brought along a cake. A homemade black forest cake. Just the nice size for the 6 of us.  A very nice surprise. 

A family photo. Mamarazzi did not snap any photos that day. All above photos thanks to Aunty Wenn, Uncle Twilight Man and Uncle Sherman. It was good  to finally get to sit down with Aunty Wenn and had a chat. Met her twice but each time not much time to chat. It was certainly a lovely meet up . And thank you for the surprise. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Where There is Smoke...(Ranting Post)

 The haze is back and last week some schools in East Malaysia were asked to close due to haze. Again blame it on the neighbouring country. But how about West Malaysia?

Each evening after school, sure can see smoke coming out from various spots along the road during our journey home. And as everyone know...where there is smoke, the is......

 For example this spot.

 Each time pass by, can see this. There were few times saw Bomba putting out the fire. Ain't this a waste of Bomba time ? Waste of tax payer monies. 


Seems like this piece of land have been turned into rubbish dump by certain people. 

Not sure if the "wall/fence" was put up by the land owner to deter people out from dumping rubbish there . If it is , then it is not working loh. People still are dumping rubbish there. Or on a more sinister scenarios whereby the "wall/fence" are put up by certain people to "hide" the burning activities. 

We live in a magical country. Day time when we pass by oil palm and coconut plantation, usually we don't see any fire. Maybe the sun is too bright ..silau...  But in the evening/night or dawn...the "mist/fog" that carries the aromatic scent smokes would appear. Some say it's from neighbouring country. Some say it's due to "spontaneous combustion" as the land is too hot nighttime. The fire are not started purposely by people. They say, he say, she say,....aiya...i say maybe started by fireflies flying around kot? 

Maybe should look at the bright side.... smoke chase away mozzie. Can prevent dengue case from rising? Whatever...... 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The New Ecover Zero Challenge

How is your week so far? For me it has been great.

Monday no need to go to school. School closed for Cheng Beng.

That's the occasion/festival which Chinese go and pray for their ancestors. Very important  occasion coz if the ancestors  are "comfortable ", the future  generations  will benefit.

Mamarazzi  saw in Facebook (dunno where lah) , got people hire dancers to dance in front of their ancestors grave for the ancestors spirit to watch. does this work ah? The Granddad and great great great granddads can see the lenglui dancing but what about the grandma ya? When night falls will someones ear gonna be pulled kot?

For me.. Monday Papa bring me jalan jalan in the new Aeon Shah Alam Mall. Just opened mid last month but surprisingly  most of the shops are opened.

Also received invite to be "white mice"(guinea pig) to try out the new Ecover Zero range before it's  being sold in Malaysia.

Fuiyoh...Ecover products wor...of course must try out lah.

The description from the sponsor :-

Ecover is one the largest green companies in Belgium that only produces household cleaning products that derived from plants and minerals. The products are dermatologically tested and it is recommended to use on baby and people with sensitive skin. Very often, people find it difficult to breath after using the harsh cleaning detergent, it is dangerous as it could lead to lung infection after using for a long period of time.

There are 2 ecover ranges in Malaysia.
1) Ecover Normal Range – (bathroom cleaner, Dish detergent, Kitchen cleaner and laundry detergent)
2) Ecover Zero Range     - ( Dish Detergent and Laundry Detergent Only).

Rest assured with the cleaning ingredients as both ecover normal and ecover zero do not contain phosphate as well as harmful chemicals . There are highly recommended for baby and also people who has sensitive skin. The differences between both ranges are ecover zero does not contain fragrance, colouring. Also, ecover zero is tested by UK Allergy

Mamarazzi can't wait to try out Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner.

Guess what she is going to try it out on? 

My stinky lamb-lamb. I had it since I was 6months old. Now my stinky lamb-lamb is 7 1/2 years old. Said must try it out on lamb-lamb as i like to "nosey" lamb-lamb. Since Ecover Zero does not contain  harmful chemicals, testing it out on lamb-lamb would be perfect. No worries on allergic reaction when I "nosey" lamb-lamb after washing.

I really hate it whenever Mamarazzi  give lamb-lamb a bath in the washing machine. So, which one do you think will win? Will the new Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid vanquish the stinks from my lamb-lamb or will the stinks remain?

Stay tune for further updates. Will let you know the result after trying out the new Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and the new Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Mamarazzi's Barley with Aloe Vera and Lemon Drink

Weather is still super hot over here. Mamarazzi was watering the plants when she noticed her Aloe Vera plants had grown quite big. There were some babies Aloe Vera being squashed by the mother plant.

Means have to trim off some of the stalks lor. Bountiful harvest indeed.

Now what to do with it ya. Messaged a few friends see if they wanted Aloe. Passed a few stalks to the neighbour.

While waiting, she thought of what she can do with the Aloe.

Took two stalks of the Aloe. Peel off the skin. Cut into cubes. The inside were pretty slimey. Need to rinse many times.

Put a packet of barley into the pot and add in the aloe vera cubes. (Add some sugar if you wish.) Boil for about 20 minutes .

The barley can be drink warm or chilled. Taste nicer with a bit of lemon if it's  chilled.

Taste okay la. Hmm...I wonder how much a glass  if Mamarazzi is to sell this drink. ..but then might be too troublesome la. Heard that there will be a new law coming out soon...wanna sell anything online must register. Sell Aloe drink surely will need to register lo.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Surprising Weekend - Zootopia & Buffet at Sunway Resort & SPA Hotel

Papa and Mamarazzi is acting very weird this weekend. Why they catering to my every wish this weekend ah? 

For example, last Friday. They came and fetch me from school . Asked we wanna eat what. I said I wanna eat "Hor Mee". They were puzzled what is "Hor Mee". Finally found out it's actually Wat Tan Hor Noodle. 

Okay...drove to the new "Ten Years" Restaurant at Evolve Ara Damansara. Too bad they don't have "Wat Tan Hor". Instead we went to the Food Court at the 2nd floor. Also tarak Wat Tan Hor. Okay la...I end uo eating Chicken Rice la. Hey, surprisingly the food at this Food Court was quite good. Service with a smile by the staff at the Vietnam Food counter. 

Okay...I thought that was the end of it la. Next day(Saturday) went to school for my usual activities. They came an fetched me after that and brought along a set of clothing and a pair of new shoes. 

I asked them going where but they didn't tell me. We end up at MBO Cinema. Only then did I know  we were going to watch Zootopia. I ran around with my new shoes looking for information about that show. Wow ! looks exciting show leh. 

The show sure did not disappoint. Laugh die me when they were at the DMV and encountered the Sloth. Yes, we recommend this show for family with kids. 

That evening again I was looking for "Hor Mee" and Papa drove to Damansara Utama and we had "Wat Tan Hor" *finally*

On the way home, they told me that today we are going for Buffet. Yipeeeeeeee!! I love buffet. Supposed to be join by another friend but she can't make it at the very last moment. Family emergency.

Buffet was on a promotional price of RM68nett for adult. Mamarazzi was surprised that for that price, the food was good leh. There were Chinese , Malay, Indian, western and Japanese food served. Hey! They even serve Kopi and tea ...unlike one buffet in Subang Jaya that did not have coffee nor tea.

 Mamarazzi had a shock when she saw the Chinese Buffet section. Crazy ka? Seafood porridge and there were whole pieces of crabs, scallop, oysters , prawns and etc in it. Not one of those shredded crab meat or crab stick.

She also loved the double boiled soup. Had two bowls of that.

Frankly speaking, usually she did not have high hopes on the dim sum served at buffet in hotel but this round she was really impressed. Though it's halal siew mai, it tasted good . They even have the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.

There were many varieties of food there keoy teow... fried something something... roasted chicken ...but she did not take those as it's quite common and filling. Instead she look for something that is nit usually served in hotel buffet.

 Like the Curry Fish Head. She took just a little bit as she have yet to recover from sore throat. Tasted good with bread. She wish she could have had more but but but....sore throat leh

Aiyo...the rojak pasembur was very tempting too but too bad it's too least spicy to her coz she was having sore throat la....

Loads of other stuffs like curries ...fried fritters... mutton...

Over heard the next table mentioned that the nasi lemak was delicious. Again she did not take as it was too filling.

 Me and Mamarazzi had sirloin steak from the western spread. I took some pizza too. There were various types of bread. The mushroom, wedges, onion rings taste delicious.

Instead, Mamarazzi become "kambing" and had a lot of salad. Quite a wide variety of salad. 

For me ...I hang around the dessert counter. There was a Chocolate Fondue there. Some cakes and one ice cream with all sorts of sprinkles. 

Hey! They even have a cotton candy machines and the nice lady behind the counter made me a beautiful cotton candy flower.

 There were Ice Cream Potong too.... Grabbed one for Papa. 

 Mamarazzi had a few bowls of this cooling Longan drink. Hopefully the throat will be better soon.

Hmm....this buffet certainly worth going lo. Too bad too day was the last day of the offer. Hopefully they will have such offer again soon

Hmm...okay a  bit of constructive criticism .... would appreciate that the Management to pout a few sofa or seats outside the restaurant. We arrived half an hour early. Although we have a Reservation, but we were not seated as they were preparing the tables and food. We were told to wait outside. If customers were to wait outside, we certainly appreciate the management would extend the courtesy to provide some sofa or chair. Hey, we are still young but what about the fold folks. 

When it was 12pm, a long queue was formed and a lady presumed to be from the Management were taking photos/video of the long queue. Maybe for marketing purposes but Mamarazzi hope that her photos/video will show the Management the need of providing some seat outside the restaurant for the customers to wait. Thank you.  

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Mysterious Egg Incident

We are having super hot weather here. The El Nino thingy and the Equinox thingy hitting the country.

Schools in Kedah and Perlis are closed today and tomorrow too. Mamarazzi is also down with cough and sore throat. 

The sun is like a big salted egg yolk in the sky every evening.

I don't like this super hot weather. Can't do much of anything.

But the adenium that Mamarazzi adopted from the BJ Green Rangers plants exchange  seems to love this weather very much. Tiny plant any yet it's  blooming happily.

By the way, Mamarazzi  heard that there will be another plant exchange  mid next month.  The time and venue has yet to be announced.

Time to prepare plants for the exchange  lor...but but but the weather so hot leh....

Maybe that's why the hen came into the house and lay an egg under the sofa? Coz Mamarazzi found an egg under the sofa when she was sweeping the floor this morning. She had a shock.

But she suspected that i put the egg there. Maybe trying to hatch the egg?

Said she will question me when i come back from school this evening  wor...but i know what my standard answer will be..."Not  me".  And the case of the  mysterious egg continues. 


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