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Friday, 18 April 2014

My Butterfly ~

Surprised? If people say Butterfly  bet many will associate it with Butterfly flying from flower to flower.

What's all these pots and pans with glutinous rice and what not.....

Mak oi.....salted egg yolk, mushrooms , scallop....buah berangan and beans...... ?

Why title Butterfly but Bak Chang post pulak...Mamarazzi gone crazy? 

Nah...Not gone crazy la...It's actually about Mamarazzi's new pot... *NOT PAID POST*. 

Earlier this month Papa bought a new Butterfly brand Pressure cooker for Mamarazzi. So far she had used it for making steamed herbal Chicken. Mmm....nice...all the goodness of chicken in there...

Then her hands also very itchy wanna try out to make Bak Chang using this. Heard people said it cuts the cooking time by more than half. 

Usual boiling time for Bak Chang are 2.5 hours to 3 hours depending on size of the Bak Chang. 

This round Mamarazzi boiled for 1 hour and the Bak Chang were just nice. Tried 45 mins, ingredients was cooked but not melt in the mouth type. Guess, Mamarazzi will stick to the 1 hour boiling time la.

So far she is loving her new Butterfly Pressure Cooker very much and as for loving eating the Bak Chang lo.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thankful Thursday - Gifts

There Moody Monday, Teaser Tuesday , Wordless Wednesday ...but Mamarazzi like Thankful Thursday the most.

Thank you to Sharon from Somewhere in Singapore for these gifts. 

I wonder what is inside of this.'s  not a keychain but going to wait till tomorrow to open it. 

And all the way from Korea.....

A lovely postcard of Nami Island from Diana Teo of Travel & Living Journal of DT. Thanks Diana. Maybe someday we'll get to Nami Island.

A parcel from Anay & Letchumi who have just returned from Japan.

 What a lovely Red Bow. 

 Gotta continue unwrapping upstairs as Papa was busy cleaning up downstairs coz Ah Kong and Ah Mah coming.

Very unique wrapping paper wor.....Hua what ah?

 Mak oi....they know me best! Ramen...some more portion for 3 person he knows I love noodles ah?

Got mask for Mamarazzi too leh...Must have known she needs those re hydrating mask for her dry tree trunk skin ...siap with Sakura flower hand towel leh

Thank you Anay and Letchumi !

At first Mamarazzi thought that was all....but when I came back from school I found this Agent  OSO card in the mailbox.

Mamarazzi said not Agent OSO la and asked Uncle TM. He said it's Kumamon. It's a mascot by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

 Gosh...postcard all the way from Japan and I am one of the lucky recipients. 

 Got this funny chop at the side of the postcard. Heard from Auntie Lina that they have this unique thingy where you can get "chop" from the train station . Kinda like a memento for tourist... chop chop at the train station to show that you have been there.

It would be nice if we can have it here too...chop chop Twin tower...chop chop batu caves KTM...chop chop Port Klang... don't you agree that it would be nice?

 Thank you to Lina for sending Berry Bright again. The first batch which she sent in December had gone missing.

This batch nearly gone missing too as when we received it, the envelope has been opened by person unknow. Fuiyoh....looks like everyone wants a piece of Berry Bright ya...

 And thank you to Rose for this lovely keychain. She had also sent us some sweets. Those sweet have been long gone but this lovely keychain remains. Thank you for your thinking of us even when you are on holiday, Rose.

And these are some of the Japanese Rose bloom in in the garden right now. Every morning a different bloom greets us.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pizza Hut Again with Their Lunch Promotion and Sugee Cake

I wanna go to KFC....but Mamarazzi said don't want la....

Go Pizza Hut la. Got nice and cooling air-conditioning, Comfortable chair too. Nice place to meet Michi's personal General Manager. Papa also said okay lo.

 Poor GM. Got stuck in the lunch hour traffic jam. We order first la.

Had their express lunch set. Quite reasonable pricing leh. RM9.90  and we get a Personal pan Pizza comes with soup, cheesy Bread and Mini Ceasar Salad.

I had the soup but don't much like the Cheesy bread. papa said leave it. He will help me finish later.

Mamarazzi said she don't feel like eating much so she had the Salad lah. Surprisingly taste quite good. Like the meat slices on top.

Errr...where are the pizza ah? .....Mamarazzi was sur she snapped photos of those but but but......missing lah....oh well....guess everyone knows how Pizza hut's pizza looks like gua.

 Then Pizzza Hut also have daily special promo.....on certain days, certain items were half price. Ngum ngum  that day the chicken wing was on promo.

Mamarazzi ordered one set. At first I said " black". But mamarazzi asked me to try a bite. I don;t want but she 'insisted'.

Ngap! ...hmmm...taste good la. Crunchy and sweet. Me Likey!

 Suddenly my "noodles" no longer taste as good pulak. I wanna eat Mamarazzi's chicken wings. Add into the 'noodles' sure taste good.

 Finally, Michi's GM arrived. Poor time for lunch ...had to rush back to the office. He gave me this cake and some fruits.

 Michi's handmade and homemade  sugee cake!

I had it for teatime. Mamarazzi asked nice or not? I told her not nice.....BUT...I kept ngap ngap ngap the sugee cake.... pandai leh me....

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Food and Fun Friday

 Yeah...basi post for year 2014....2013 finished liao.... This one was a basi post on my birthday.

Had birthday party in the kiddie. After school I had a surprise.  We didn't head home. Papa asked what do I wanna eat. I said noodles.

Off we went to Ming Xiang Restaurant in Subang 2.

I had their roast pork noodles....Papa was not sure what to eat but after saw my Roast pork noodle ...he also want. Slurrrppppp...

 Mamarazzi had their Hor Fun Soup. Hmmm.....the taste doesn't suit her  coz this Hor Fun broke quite easily. From the look of it, they seems to used the keoy teow which is for Cantonese Fried Noodle.

However, the taste of the soup was good la.

 After lunch I was impatience. Anxious to open my pressie from the Principal. 

 Hey! How did she know that I love cars ah?

 Off we went......I asked Mamarazzi where are we going but she said it's a surprise.....

Suddenly I found myself in Citta Mall. Hey! I didn;t know Cita Mall have cinema. Watched "The Lego Movie". I like it very much.

 Came home and a parcel arrived. It's gift from Diana Teo. Thanks Diana. 

Also thanks to Auntie CC for the Faber Castell stationery set. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

World Book Day Storytelling & Book Exchange at Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme on 20th April 2014

Yay! Good news. Subang Jaya Book exchange Programme will be holding another storytelling session in conjunction with World Book Day, which is celebrated on April 23 every year. 

Storytelling Session will be held on 20th April 2014 , 2pm to 3pm.
The story telling will be by Anne Ooi of Roving Books  Suitable for children aged between 4 and 8. As per their Facebook, all children are welcome but each must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Priority will be given to registered kids. To register, please send an e-mail to with child's name and age, parent/guardian's name and contact number.

The storytelling session will be followed by a book exchange session that starts from 3-5pm. Book exchange will not begin until storytelling session is over so for those who only intend to exchange books please go over after 3pm.

I still remember the last story telling session by Anne. It was so much fun.

There was a break and we did some exercises.

Sure get the blood circulation going. 

I love her story telling . So vivid. Even adults were enthralled.

I was so inspired that I wannabe just like her. Conduct my own storytelling three empty chairs. last got two "audiences" who kesian me and listen to my story telling la. going to join me or not? Jom let's go to BEP's Storytelling day. 

Date :  20th April 2014
Time : 2pm to 3pm. 
Location : BEP Cabin, Jalan USJ 12/2F. GPS 3.041068 : 101.574987 / N 03°02'28.0 E 101°34'30.7

Friday, 11 April 2014

Simple Steam Chicken with Brands *Not Paid Post*

So fast it's Friday again. Mamarazzi nearly forgot to schedule this post.  Been busy with the garden, her books and the *drum rolls* TAX RETURNS!!! 

Darn it...dunno what happen to the E-filing. Kept getting message error message when trying to login. Asked to try again later. Wait and wait more than an hour still same. Since she saw it's stuck at "Digital Cert", she went and "semak sijil digital" loh. Valid wor...and from there can login. Grrrrr.... kena system bully

Ding dong ding dong...finally got to submit the Tax Returns. 

 Ding dong ding dong...dunno what to cook for lunch....dig dig...found some chicken pieces in the freezer. Okay....lazy Mamarazzi just did "one pot cooks all" recipe again la.

Massage some salt on the chicken slices. throw in some Goji. Steam the Chicken in the rice cooker .

Throw in some butter ...and kau tim.....home made Chicken Rice. !

After the chicken is done, just pour a bottle of Brands Chicken essence on to it before serving.

Said having Chicken essence will help me grow up healthy and strong wor. I can't say I like the taste of the Chicken essence but Papa sure loves it. Guess my taste changes with time gua. 

 So I ate my "chicken Rice" with Mamarazzi's rojak soup lo. She throw in pieces of meat, carrots, lotus root and old cucumber.

Ahem what soup is that ah? Old cucumber soup or lotus root soup ah? I also dunno. She said coz not enough lotus root pieces add old cucumber lor.

Taste? Surprisingly quite sweet leh.

Hmm....growing up healthy and strong am not too sure but what am sure is that my nails sure grow very fast leh.....Every week have to trim or else will kena Cikgu scold.


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