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Monday, 15 September 2014

Mr Grass Head & Teeth

 Another basi post.

Some time last month, Mamarazzi bought me a Mr Grass Head from D.I.Y  Store. RM2.99 only. Said just put water and wait for the "hair" to grow. two days...

 More growing and Mr Grass Head looking older leh with white wrinkle on his face. growing wild liao...

 Papa said give it a trim la......the new "punk" look of Mr Grass Head. 

That is not the only thing growing leh. I found that there is something hard in my gums. Mamarazzi had a peek...looks like my new "gigi" coming out liao. 

Papa said get ready the pliers wor...

Mamarazzi said cham fast new gigi coming out..means have to take care of my new teeth properly lor else no more gigi liao...

For me...I said Tooth fairy coming to give me Candy...but Mamarazzi spoil sport say Tooth fairy won't give candy la coz it would rot the teeth leh. holidays is here...errr....guess this will go hand in hand with Blog holiday posting for next few days...see you again when school starts  . Happy Holiday!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Watermelon Rind Curry Recipe

Did you know that we can use watermelon rind for cooking? Mamarazzi didn't know till Uncle Tan mention about watermelon rind can be use to cook curry.

Mamarazzi googled...true enough.......there are plenty recipe on using watermelon rind for a dish.

She waited till we bought a watermelon. She didn't throw away the rind. Instead kept them.
She cooked Watermelon Rind Curry using recipe from

As you know, she didn't really follow the recipe to the dot.

Bought a fish. Boiled it and peel out the flesh. Mash it. 

Blend some shallots, garlic and cili paste 

Poured the mixture into the  same water that she used to boil the fish. Add in the fish meat. 

 Add some tamarind water.

Lastly added in the watermelon rinds. 

Papa ate this add daun limau purut then can become Tomyam liao. Papa did not like the Watermelon rinds but he liked the fishmeat with the soup.

For me...I liked my fried chocken lo. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I Skipped Lunch For Tony's Timeout

Some time ago, Papa bought tuition session for me from one of the deals company. The nearest tuition centre for me is in Ara Damansara. So straight after lunch , we heads over to the tuition centre for my class.

After tuition, I was hungry. As we were near Citta Mall, I "bodek" Papa and mamarazzi to go to Citta Mall for a bite la.

What to eat.....Mamarazzi said Tony Roma's have RM9.90 deal leh....Okay...go there la ...really wor...they have this "I Skipped Lunch For Tony's Timeout" deal....valid from 3pm to 6pm.

Good deal wor...better keep my things first coz the service here should be fast.

Add on free flow of soft drink for RM3.90.

Mamarazzi cannot decide whether she wanted their Chicken Salad 

Or the Quarter BBQ Chicken. Hence , Papa said ...order both la.....can share.

Mamarazzi did not have high expectation.Thought the salad will be just a small one coz the price was only RM9.90 leh.

But she was wrong. The salad was normal size for TR salad and the chicken too.... Oh my kucing...memang berbaloi(really worth it). . Papa disbelieved. Asked me for a copy of the Menu again...said something like maybe it's *from RM9.90 onwards leh.....

Me? What else....noodles lor....portion big...

Slurp slurp...can't finish... Papa had to help me to finish.....

Not bad wor....really didn't expect a meal for 3 persons in Tony Roma's can be less than RM50 leh. 

Timing just crowd and environment  was comfortable.

If you happens to be hungry around 3-6pm on a week keep Tony Roma's restaurant in mind. Ahem...not a paid post ah......we paid for our meals one leh

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Steamed Brinjal and Steam Stuffed Luffa Gourd

One afternoon, Mamarazzi was blog hopping. Saw something real delicious. Steamed Stuffed Luffa in ElinLuv's blog. Check out Elin's recipe, click HERE.

That night, Mamarazzi REALLY wanted to have something like that...but but but...tarak luffa gourd leh...tarak yuk chok....

Only dug up a brinjal from the fridge. Hentam la......steamed the brinjal with minced meat and goji. Added a bit of salt for taste.

Mamarazzi said sedap wor....

I don't know leh coz Papa and me ate Pizza. Yup...Mamarazzi gone mad. Cook rice and the brinjal dish to eat and also made Pizza for us coz I wanted to have pizza

Some days later, she finally bought Luffa Gourd. Made as per the recipe.....errr.....maybe not exactly follow the recipe la...but it sure taste good. Sweet.

Said this recipe is for keeps wor.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

So many basi posts. Mamarazzi better post up this one before it become basi. 

Last night our neighbourhood had an impetuous Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration at the playground. One two hour before the event, just whatapps...hey...who wanna play Tanglung(lantern) ...come to the playground. Ho! Ho! Ho!. no bad wor...still have people turn up. 

Mid-Autumn of course la must have mooncakes to eat...there were Shanghai mooncake, Lotus paste mooncake and even jelly mooncake.

A neighbour even ajak eat steamboat.

 I saw they having "sprite" I also want leh...but Papa said this Sprite I cannot drink. I insisted and took a big gulp from the cup and want some more coz it's nice. Papa said no. Drink orange juice enough.

But taste very nice wor.....well.....that was till I spotted a girl girl....Yay! have "friend" to play with me lo.

I ran home and bring my bicycle and scooter. We had great fun playing in the playground under the candlelights.

The girl girl didn't wanna go home too....but the adults said midnight day have to go school.....they bluff us say tonight play again.....

Restaurant Sri Karak, Petaling jaya

While Papa having a meeting, Mamarazzi spotted this restaurant..Restaurant Sri Karak

What attracted her was the smell from these fruits.

Went closer to look...hmmmm...this place seems to rings a bell....There were many newspaper clippings and all.

Seems like this restaurant originated from Restaurant Yik Kee from Karak. Papa and Mamarazzi have been there once.

From the windows, She spotted many tidbits. There were also sponge cake, tarts, puff and etc.

Jenguk inside....hmm.....also sells hot meals like rice and noodles leh. They have steam fish, vegetable ....well...just like any Chinese restaurant la.

She dragged Papa to this restaurant to buy the durian tart. As it was too early to fetch from school, Papa had a bowl of Durian Cendol. RM7 a bowl. Not cheap but the did put a big scoop of durian flesh on top of the cendol leh

What Mamarazzi like is that they gave the Gula Melaka syrup separately. Hence, we can control the sweetness of the cendol to our taste.

Bought two durian "Bomb".  Yup...that is what they call it. 

The crust was something like Wu Kok(Yam Puff) . Inside were pure durian flesh. Very strong durian scent leh.

I ate a bit.

but I still like  my tub of durian best. Yup...the restaurant also sells frozen durian but Mamarazzi didn't buy any coz we already have a tub of durian in the fridge.

Mamarazzi said she likes the Durian Cendol coz they put durian flesh in the cendol instead of just durian paste or syrup.

Here is the address if you wish to try out the cendol and the food there:-

No 17, Jalan 52/8, Section 52, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Prawn Mee(Noodle) at Restoran Kam Heong

Sometime ago, Papa had PJ to do something after dropping me to school. A bit too early for the meeting so they stopped by Restaurant Kam Heong for breakfast.

Have heard so much about the Prawn Noodles here.

That morning, Mamarazzi ordered a bowl of Prawn noodles. According to her, not bad la. They were generous with the hard-boiled egg. Gave half an egg. The prawns were a bit small ...more of shrimp size.

The soup was just nice. Portion of noodles was not stingy.

Papa not really into spicy ordered Apom from one of the stall there...banjir with dhall.

 And topped it off with economy fried keoy teow. Taste....hmmm...okay la...

 Hmmm.....naught Mamarazzi....didn't tapau anything for me. 

By the way, this restaurant also famous for its Braised Duck Rice.

Here is the address for a nice breakfast if you are at the area...but but but....parking maybe a problem ya...hard to find parking over there

Restoran kam Heong,
8, Jalan Tengah (Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300


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