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Friday, 21 November 2014

Oh Nasi Lemak ! Oh Termites!

Wokay wokay....This is the last "basi"(stale) post....errr.....till next year la....wanna clear off all the basi posts before new year come leh.

What's the story about Nasi Lemak? Nothing much la....Just that Mamarazzi lazy to cook lo so pakai hentam again. Just put the rice into rice cooker and put some santan, salt , pandan leaves and eggs into the rice cooker to make Nasi Lemak lor.

Eggs in rice cooker you said? Yup....coz lazy bum mah...lazy to make hardboiled eggs separately so just put into the rice cooker and boil together lor.

The sambal was easy to make coz each time we tapau Nasi Lemak, she would ask for the sambal to be packed separately. The extra sambal, she would put into the freezer. At time like this she just need to defrost the sambal, reheat and add in some "sotong"(Squid) & sliced onions. Done. Fried some chicken gizzard for Papa and fried eggs for herself . Yup...she doesn't like hard boiled eggs.

Me? I get to do the "food presentation".

Looks like Cookies Monster from the Sesame Street or not?

On a non-related matter, we went to Gardenia bread factory during our school trip and was given so many goodies . Not bad ya. 

Too bad no pic of me coz our group was split up. My group did not have a photographer. Nevertheless I had great time there. So much fun leh. The "gardenia Chef" made me laugh so much. 

After that we went to Tenmoku Pottery ...we played with clay and subsequently we were allowed to bring home our "creation" 

 Another "basi" news was that part of our car porch roof collapsed a few months ago. It happened on a super rainy and windy day. Lucky we were not home then or else sure the car kena "penyet"

From the traces of wood, there were sign of it's being "eaten". Ah Kong said must termites. Complained to the developer and they sent their men come and check.

True enough.....found part of the car porch roof having this. At that time we didn't know. Just took insect spray and sprayed the roof and the men said will come repair next day.

But Mamarazzi was worried about termites spreading into the house. Thanks to Auntie Siew, we got the contact of the Pest Control Company. Very efficient leh. Night time called him and next day the man, Jack, came already.

He checked the whole house. Thank goodness only the car porch kena. 

Said next time if have termites, MUST NOT spray and do not disturb . Coz spraying will also "chase" the termites from one part of the house to another part. Better to call in the professional put baits . The termites eat the bait and die in the colony and one eat another and die.....and so on.

Not sure whether it is common practice for this industry but Jack immediately set work to put the termites bait. Tarak mintak(didn't ask) payment first before start work wor. We only paid in a day or two later. 

He said they will come and check every two weeks . True enough. Mamarazzi did not need to call him. A day or two before the due date he will whatapps Mamarazzi to make appointment.

Glad to say that currently we are termites free now but the company will continue to come and check the house periodically.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Restaurant Kong Mah (港马点心), Subang Perdana

 Last Thursday, had to wake up super-duper early to go to school. 5.30am already kena Mamarazzi kick me wake up liao lo. Feeling super-duper sleepy and grumpy. Mamarazzi said padan muka....why last night sleep so late. Papa went fetch Ah Kong and Ah Mah from airport in night time flight I also wanna follow and kaypoh. So now not enough sleep is own fault lah.

Then why morning have to wake up so early? Nah... my school doesn't start that early lah. That morning had to send Ah Kong and Ah Mah plus pick up a relative and send them to airport. They were going to Singapore.

Ngum-ngum they purchase plane ticket which timing clashed with my school hours. Papa not enough time to come back from airport and send me to school. If wait then I'll be late for school lor. Sure  Cikgu will KNS be worried coz whole week we were preparing for our year end concert. yup...this Saturday is the Concert liao.

 After dropping them to the airport...too early to go school pulak. School gate not even open yet leh. Detour la....went to makan something first near the airport.

We were there first customers. The Dim Sum shop just opened and they were steaming the dim sum. Pretty soon...a try of freshly steamed dim sum came.

 Just point and choose which ever we want.

I had porridge and siew mai.

Papa and Mamarazzi choose these. 

After makan(eat), Papa ask wanna tapau Char Siew Pau for my class teacher or not. I said can also. Can bodek her so that she won't scold me give her a nice surprise.
After class, Papa and Mamarazzi came and pick up me up. Went and eat mixed rice. But after eating mixed rice I was still hungry. Lucky Mamarazzi have saved a burger for me ....I wanna eat the burger ah...but my eyes cannot open liao leh......... back to "review" ...if you happens to be around Subang Airport area and looking for dimsum to eat, you can try out this  Restaurant Kong Mah. The address is No 15G, (Jln Dinar B U/3B), Tmn Subang Perdana,Selangor. Opens daily from dunno what time in the morning till 2-3pm in the afternoon. Their rest day falls on every Tuesday.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Printing Calendar with Photobook Malaysia

Nah! trimmed my hair already...short enough? Hahaha. Next month Christmas liao. Year end coming liao. I guess many businesses and companies will be printing Calender for own use or to be given out to customers.Usually this is also the time of year where Mamarazzi will ask her friend in the Bank whether they have extra calendar or not.

This year we are very lucky. We have got our Calender already. Wanna hear the whole story? you remember our post about "Scanning Old Treasures into Photobook"?

It seems that someone from Photobook Malaysia saw our post and is very happy about it. Guess we won't know who will be reading our blog posts out there ya? Could be nice people and could even be  psycho there *may God heal them*.

Anyway, surprise surprise....Photobook people wrote to us and thanked us for the unsolicited post *blush* . To show their  appreciation, they invited us to try out their newly launched product. It's a Personalised Calender that would be great for home, office and even would be the perfect thing as a gift.

Mamarazzi  was pretty excited. Turn on the Photobook Designer Software in her computer and looked for the Calender printing option.. Hmm....where is it ah? Tarak.

Adoi! Piak her head. People already said "New Product" of course la old version Photobook Designer don't have that option. The next day. she guai-guai went and downloaded the software again. Photobook Malaysia not only offer printing photobooks only but also Canvas. Stationeries and Calendars too. 

There are wall calendar and desk calendar. The one Mamarazzi made was the 11x5 Desk Calendar.

Seems like pretty much the same method as making photobook 

Many page style to choose from. If don't like the page style, can always select a blank page and design it according to own preference.

Mamarazzi was satisfied with the page arrangement so she did not change or modify them much. She just add some background to the existing  backgrounds; using the photos she snapped.

She further typed in the holidays and important dates into the dates boxes. Everything done, just click the cart. paid for the shipping. upload the calendar online and wait for our calendar to arrive.

As usual, she received various updates from Photobook about status of the payment, printing and tracking of the arrival of the photobook. Love this service. 

Two days later, came back from school...our calendar was waiting for us. Ah....the one and only Cosmos plant ...Lovely bloom but tong tong chiang liao when we balik kampung last round amd it got attacked. least have a nice photo of it as a remembrance.

This is how it look like standing up. I can scribble in the relevant boxes if there is anything to add later on. starts so soon ah......

 What Mamarazzi did for our Calender was this... she slotted in my photos which was taken in year 2014 to the respective months in 2015.

For example, February sees Papa and me celebrating out birthday together.

 Then in October, my first SCKLM Kids Dash due to influence by Auntie Lina and me getting mystery gift from The School in JayaOne.

At the very last page, Mamarazzi put in the photo of her strange Japanese Rose bloom. Weird....come out two colors. That was the one and only bloom with this strange mixed color. The rest of the time it was either red or yellow.

Oh...there was another odd incident too where it blooms different colors from the same stalk but Mamarazzi did not put into the calendar coz the quality of the photo was not sharp.

That is the good thing about photobook designer software. It will warn us if the photo quality uploaded is not good enough and that it will result in poor printing quality. Hence, we can choose whether to take the risk or just choose another photo.

Again....we like to thank Photobook Malaysia for giving us this unexpected gift. Thank you.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jom to The School in JayaOne this School Holidays.

You know why I love to bodek Papa to bring me to The School in JayaOne every Sunday? Not solely for the Sun Day Out Indoors Cycling which happens on every Sunday from 10am to 3pm but also because there are loads of surprises every weekend.

I love the surprises each weekends. Sometimes it's a Flea market. sometimes it health talks. sometimes it's photo exhibition. Actually Mamarazzi can find out what activities they are having from their Facebook but you know Mamarazzi la....    

Last weekend was fun. The School had  Art & Crafts Weekend . There were : 

- BuildtoExpress Lego by The Gamesworks

- Paramotor & Hydromax

 - ClayTime


- Sun Day Out (kids' indoor cycling) 
 - Storytelling by Learning Fresh
- Yo-Yo performance by 28spin
- Rainbow Loom get-together (The Tree)

 Spotted also some really cool photos displayed in front of Doi Chaang Coffee which feature hard to find candid snap of some lovely spots around Malaysia which normally tourists did not think of visiting.

Spotted this too....  come the with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' themed magic show at The School. Suitable for the whole family. Date  20 - 30 November 2014 .

What's great about is is that the purchase of each ticket will also sponsor an underprivileged child from Yayasan Chow Kit admission to one show. However, ones may also purchase it for own admission. 

Mamarazzi managed to get tickets for us to the show . Yipppeee! 

If you are interested, just hop over to there facebook VIVAS Magic Pirate of Carribean Magic Show for ticket price and show time. 

Heard over the grapevines that Sprouts will be opening in The School. JayaOne too.

Sprout is Malaysia’s latest unique childcare and development centre designed with the priorities of children in mind. Heard it's gonna occupy 3 floors and  Sprouts caters to all of children’s needs, from paediatricians, to pharmacists, and everything in between like books and toys!

Omigosh! Sprout even have two play areas, children to enjoy themselves which people like Mamarazzi and Papa goes exploring.

Looks like this school holidays must really sharpen my "bodek-ing" power and get them to bring me to The School. Surely this is not the only activities to be had there. Sure there will be a lot more. Just have to keep track of their Facebook.

Ahem the way..this is not a paid post though may sound so. It's just that there are so many fun and educational things for me to do there. Sharing is caring , right? Just sharing information lah.. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Signature Original Hakka Recipe(Restaurant), Bangsar

 Super-duper "basi"(stale) post....wayyyyyyy back in June.

On what occasion did we eat here ah? Must have been going to the hospital to collect monthly medicine for Ah Kong and Ah Mah or maybe to bring them for quarterly medical check up there...or maybe they visiting relatives there....lupa (forgot) liao lo...

What is famous in that restaurant ah? also forgot liao.....hmm...was it supposed to go eat beef noodles there?  I know that Papa and Mamarazzi supposed to ordered something from one of the stalls at the very back of the restaurant but it was not open that day.

Instead...she ordered Prawn Noodles la. Said taste good wor. Have a lot of 'liu: . 

 Me and Papa had pork Noodles.

I gave two pieces of the Chinese sausages to Papa and he sad nice wor. Hmm.we were quite lucky la. Though we came for another type of food but the stalls was not open, we still managed to get other type of food which taste good. 

Oh ya...this place something like Kopitiam/food court . They have quite a few stalls selling various noodles and food.  

Another surprise was this. KFC Pau => Klang Food Court Pau. They have a stall here too!. Bought some pau. Mamarazzi is not sure but she calculated and agak-agak maybe the price of the pau here is slightly higher than the shop in Klang. Sorry ah...she did not note the exact price. But then even if price is higher also seems "patut-lah" coz of the travelling leh. If go all the way to Klang and buy, petrol and toll already gone lor.

Here is the address if you happens to wanna try out the food there :-
Signature Original Hakka Recipe
Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Lucky Garden
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Friday, 14 November 2014


Another "first"...Badminton. Saw people playing, I also wanna try. Papa's punya Badminton racket dunno sumbat to where already. 

The other day jalan-jalan shopping with Mamarazzi, we spotted cheap Badminton rackets being sold in Popular. Aiya...since cheap one la....mana tau if just "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" only. ah? Saw in TV  like this  ..

Opss.....why the shuttlecock didn't fly ah?

Dunno why each time I try to concentrate my tongue come out...

Can la......

Ready? .....

Fly!!! eh eh eh...pant falling down ni.....

Yay!....This pose looks like Anay's pose or not? 

So far ...managed to hit the shuttle cock la but have not managed to "catch" it yet. More practise will do ...I think.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Restaurant Red Canton (Dim Sum Restaurant) , Petaling Jaya

 Argh!!! not feeling so good after running about hunting for school uniform while waiting for Papa to finish meeting.Over tired or maybe starting wanna have fever liao.

It was raining. Mamarazzi wanted to have Chicken Hor Fun but when we arrived at Kar Heong was closed. idea what to eat. ...round and round and round and it started to rain.

Okay...again pakai tembak la. Saw one restaurant newly opened in SS2/24. Looks looks like it have noodles despite it's a dim sum shop.

 Surprisingly to Mamarazzi, I didn't want noodles. I wanted Roast Pork Rice instead.

My Roast Pork Rice RM6. Knowing how Mamarazzi loves Roast Pork, I gave her two pieces of roast pork out of the seven pieces there.

Meat was well marinated but the skin was not crunchy anymore. Probably coz we went there in the evening la. If in the morning or when the roast pork straight out of the oven should be just nice.

 Papa ordered Wantan Mee. He likes the way they are generous with the Hong Kong Choy Sum(Vegetable). Was crunchy and not over cooked.

 He also ordered Har Kow. Hmmm ...not sure the correct name....maybe direct translation  ...Prawn dumpling.

Though the skin was a bit thicker than what he would like, but the prawns were fresh and seems that they used big size prawns for this. Nice.

Mamarazzi had Wantan Mee. Portion not that big but taste good enough. 

Service was fast  as it was still early in the evening...not many people yet. As we finished eating, saw customers started to come in. 

Speaking of Red.....Mamarazzi's "red" finally bloomed. Long story....a friend gave her a bunch of seeds for this earlier this year.

She sow the seeds but she mush have done something wrong. None sprouted though seeds that others friends sow from the same batch sprouted.

In the end she gave up hope and used the soil to sow Roselle seeds which another friend gave her. Then on seems sprouted . Transplanted to a bigger pot. Snap photo show her friend that the Roselle plant had sprouted. The friend said how come the leaves looks different?

Think think the plant grew bigger....Mamarazzi seems to recognised the leaves. Again snapped photo and sent to the friend  who give her  "red". Yes! it's "red". It was soooooo weird......after few months baru this lone "red" sprouted. All others friends who planted , their seeds sprouted within a week or two.

Finally it bloomed yesterday........ found out the correct name "red" is Abelmoschus moschatus aka Musk Mallow, Musk Okra, Ornamental Okra, Ambrette, Annual Hibiscus. Hope will have seeds soon la.

Oh for the Red Canton's located at 181, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Tel : 03-78729223


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