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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Kuala Lumpur 2018 2nd Trip

We have been hunting with the Wolf for a decade now. Previous was just a regular customer and in the recent years, we were fortunate to get preview passes. 

Mamarazzi still remember what Mr Wolf said in the early years. He said , many customers that come for the first trip will definitely return again for a second or third hunt. 

Yup.. based on our experience, one trip is never enough as Mr Wolf and his crews would replenish the floor with new titles frequently. No tables are left empty. 

We went for our second hunt last Thursday. Why Thursday? Coz it's exactly 1 week after the Preview Day. The venue would be flooded with new titles again . Books that are different from the Preview Days.  

True enough. Gosh... wish Mamarazzi had allocated more hours there. Four hours are not enough to go through all the sections. Only managed to browse Fiction and some parts of children books. 

This round, Mamarazzi zoom for her books while I am left hunting on my own. 

I found the Minecraft book that I wanted, 

And more Minecraft books

And Mr Wolf had saved 4 Minecraft books for me after an S.O.S from Mamarazzi. I have been searching for the Red Diamond book for a long time. Thank you Mr Wolf and Marcus.

On Preview Day Mamarazzi bought some Chinese comic books for me. I found that I like them very much. So I went and pick up some more. Came home, Mamarazzi asked why I only took five. I said expensive ah...but she said it's dirt cheap at RM1.50 each. Should have taken more.

After reading about LAST CALL TABLE from KLBAC FB, Mamarazzi zoomed to the table. Sure enough. There are plenty of good books from RM3 to RM8.

She found these book at the LAST CALL TABLE . RM8 each only. 

RM6 magazine also found there. Too bad no more Nat Geo.

Instead , she bought this for me. This type of magazine usually is very expensive.

Then she went hunting at the fiction section. Found two more books for her reads.Yummy yummy.

While walking towards the children section, she spotted these at the BBW Members counter. 

Yes, BBW Members gets extra discount.  She took them for me while sending out Whatsapps to her gang. They wanted these books too but when Mamarazzi went back to the counter, the LEGO Official Annual 2018 fully sold off. Only left Ninjago.

Aisey! lesson learnt. Next time must grab a few sets first before WhatsApps friends. huh huh huh, 

From the children section, she found these for me. Yay! now i have the complete set of the Robots books.

From the children section, Mamarazzi found this book. She wanted it for herself

This is because not only the stories are good but the illustration was beautiful too. 

This round, we only managed to get two graphic novel. 

Helped friends to do some book hunting too. 

Well, after getting food for the's time for food for the body. I can eat the whole lot. Famished.

Harvested some mangoes yesterday. Mamarazzi is making mango pickles to eat while reading our BBWKL2018 haul. 

Hey! she finished 2 of the BBW books already. One of them is KL Nior White. She said it's very good. Very dark and dangerous. Definitely for those 18 years old and above. Hoping to get the other 3 books of this series.

Hmmmm... I wonder whether we shall go for the 3rd and final hunt on Monday. Yup... it's the last 3 days of the BBWKL2018 sale. Better head over too MIECC while you can.  Yesterday the Wolf announced that they have re-stocked.There will be a whole lot of delicious books waiting for your this weekend at MIECC.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2018 on Preview Day

Thanks again to Mr Wolf for the preview passes so that me and my friends can go for the preview. I had a great time there.

This round, Mamarazzi assign me as the photographer as her phone had gone wonky(anyone wanna sponsor her a new phone? ). It tend to overheat whenever camera function is used or it suka-suka go on and off.

This year the Wolf brought home a whole load of Children books for the preview day. Mamarazzi had gone crazy looking at those books . Most are too young for me but luckily there is a friend who just had a newborn grandchild.

She had fun hunting baby books for her friend. Aiyo! price dirt cheap!. Wish could buy everything in the house.

Mamarazzi feels that the fiction section had shrink but... the quality of book seems to be better that previous years. There are more updated and popular books to be found. They even have a WHOLE table of Harry Potter related books! Not that am crazy about  HP but Mamarazzi is.

Also they have Rick Riordan series. This RR chap seems to be pretty popular these days. Everyone are talking about him.

Aiks... I thought Roald Dahl only writes children books? wow.. so many titles for adult books. Mamarazzi was really tempted to buy but the she already read some of the titles.

Chinese section had expand too. Well... not that am keen on that.  Lucky Mamarazzi is "banana" . Or else she would grab a whole loads of Chinese books for me.

Well, she did tried to grab some for me but it got banned by me. Only a few got my green light. Yea... I don't like to read Chinese but...

Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia section had expand too. Many good quality books can be found there. I went one round there but it's not my cup of Milo. But Mamarazzi eyes were pretty big looking at those books.

Wow... magazine like Dewan pelajar, Dewan Siswa, Dewan Masyarakat is only RM10 a bundle of 12. Yea.. it's last year issue but hentam la.

Her eyes grown even bigger when she saw this. Who still remembers Master Q? Ahem... who is this Lao Fu Tze... ? Hmmm generation gap..

She grabbed a few for herself  me. Okay la... since it's comic. I will try to read la.

After one round of browsing. Mamarzzi walk one more round just in case something escaped her attention. True enough! She saw some Jie Jie promotion something called Augmented Reality books. What is that? It seems that we need to download Hippo Magic free Apps to our phone or tablets . Then scan the front cover of the book. When we turn the pages, the characters will come alive.

Okay okay ... it's hard to explain...maybe this video we  made will explain it better. Yea... Mamarazzi bought one home. Said can give to friend's kid for pressie but before that we "open" it to test.
The good thing about this book  is that you can read it as it is(without using the apps) or you can use the apps for a better reading experience.

According to the Jie Jie there, they have seven books - Three Little Pigs, The Velveteen Rabbit, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The Night Before Christmas, Let's Learn Counting 123 and Let's Learn Alphabet ABC.

Mamarazzi search their website... Yikes! Original price was USD9.99. And BBW price is only RM15. So cheap! Way to go Mr Wolf!

Guys! Faster go and grab them!

Walk some more and found plenty of this and those  metal containers books. Saw many people taking whole trolley full of those. Might be for gift or maybe reseller?

This set nearly escape her attention as it was place at the very end of the non-fiction area. It's a harmonica set with neat carrying box and instruction on how to play it. Price? RM10 only!

Get your ear plugs on. Here I am trying out the harmonica set. 

This round really shopped till I drop lo.  We got caught at the rush hour jam. The queue for payment was nearly till the entrance.

Initially, Mamarazzi thought it's system down. But surprisingly the queue was moving quite fast. Only queue for about half an hour despite the long line. The supervisors at the cashiers were very efficient too in controlling the crowd.

The careful cashier also helped a lot.  No mistakes on scanning twice or stuffs like that. Bravo!

Enjoying my new book while waiting for Papa to come and fetch us. 

Here are some of the books that Mamarazzi grabbed for me 

Nice buy.  Nat Geo for kid only RM8. 

And some Chinese comic  for me. 

A Maths set... 

Earlier on I ask Mr Wolf help to hunt down Minecraft books for this BBW and HE DID! I found this with the help of the staffs. Later on Mamarazzi saw people posting of other Minecraft books. She is asking Mr Wolf' help to keep a copy for me and he said will do. Yipee! Thank you Mr Wolf.

This round, Mamarazzi grabbed more books for herself. Her second childhood. Bought a box set of Paddington for herself. She have yet to unwrap the set yet. Said sayang wor.  But she have unwrapped her Winnie the Pooh book. She said smell so nice. But I said smell like IKEA. This year , most of the books in BBW have been shrink wrapped. Nice. Prevent damage to the books. Hopefully people will less likely to steal toys from the books la.

The Santa piano book was so cheap. RM10 only . She cant help herself . Close both eyes and buy la.

Her friend found KL Noir for her. What a good find it is.  Ahah... finally Harry Potter at an affordable price.

She managed to find some of out of print Dik Cerdas for herself. What a good buy. 

Okay... signing off for now. Don't forget to go to Big Bad Wolf Books Sale at MIECC ya... it's on now till the 17th of December. Its open 24hours non stop.

Friday, 23 November 2018

The Garden BBQ Buffet Steamboat, Sri Petaling

Sometime last month, don't know what wind blow Mamarazzi and a few of us went to makan buffet.
Cari punya cari they decided to eat at this restaurant. Parking was a big headache, but Papa managed to find a parking riiiiiiiight at the front of the restaurant.

Woah weee what's a boat doing in  here?!

What do we have here on the boat? A buffet of fresh food. There were various shell fish,  fish meat,  slices of octopus, slices of squid, prawns, vegetables, mushrooms, neatly packed noodles in big glass jars and many more .

At the other side of the restaurant there were a few chillers of marinated meat such as chicken wing, lamb, meat slices ,steamboat ingredients and BBQ ingredients.

But I like this the most. There were various fruits that you can eat as it is or make into rojak. I like  to dip them into chocolate as they have a chocolate fountain too. Oh ya! Did I mention that they have marshmallows too?

On second thought, this is my favourite. Three chillers full of ice cream . 

For those who have phobia on sharing scoops ice  cream (yea... some buffet have big tubs of ice cream where patrons can scoop but the scoop sometimes were sticky due to many hands had touch it. That can put off some people) they can opt for nicely wrapped ice cream. They have ice cream potong, ice cream cones and various flavour of ice cream.

Mamarazzi's favourite. Yup.... coffee ice cream. Taste pretty good.

There were a section for fried food stuff. They have fried rice, nuggets, fried chicken wings and such. Their fried rice was pretty good . Chinese tea and soft drinks were free flowing. 

Another of her favourite is this. The good thing about this place is that ones does not need to rush for it. They are very generous with prawns and other type of expensive seafood, The staffs kept replenishing them very fast. That's what you call "eat-all-you-can".

We were surprised that every half an hour they have this game of catching live prawns. Not for the faint hearted. The staffs would release live prawns into the aquarium . The patrons were given a small cup and a food tongs to catch the prawns with.

First round Mamarazzi caught 4 prawns and I caught 1. Second round Mamarazzi didn't catch anything but I  caught 2. Third round we both caught 2.  I wanted to go for fourth round but Mamarazzi said no. Said time to go home wor.

Jeng Jeng! XXL size fresh prawn that I caught with my own hand. Very juicy and sweet.

While the rest go for the steamboat, I went for the grill. I had fun grilling stuffs for everyone to eat.

Yup... I  was nominated as the person in charge  of the grill. 

Bon appetit.

I like this place la. Price wise also okay considering the amount of fresh food offered.  The price? Oh ya. .. the buffet price for adult (as at 28/10/2018) was RM48. Child 120cm to 140cm RM25. Child 90cm to 120cm RM15. Errrrrr... I kena adult price liao lo. Exceeded the height.

Here is the address if you wanna try out the food . But be sure to go early ya coz the place is usually very crowded. We were told that they don't accept reservation on weekend we we call up that day.

Address: 1G, Jln Radin Bagus 7, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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