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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Early Dinner at Restaurant Asam Laut, Tanjung Sepat

Next stop? Makan(eat) again lo... This time we had an early dinner before heading to KL International Airport.

It was easy to order as they have menu with photo of the dishes Papa wanted fried Oyster.  

We also had Salted Egg baby Octopus. 

Sweet Potatoes leaves stir fried with garlic.

Soupy Steamed Lala for me

Hmmm...boring eating like that way of eating... People have Yong Tau Foo..I made Yong Lala. Mamarazzi said am playing with my food. Not hungry but she was surprised I managed to eat most of it.

On the way to airport still itchy mouth leh. Ate half a red bean paste pau

plus nicked some of Kaw Kaw's fishballs

On the way home... tapau supper, 

Hungry ma....

Friday, 9 November 2018

Hunt For The Fishballs and Salted Fish @Tanjung Sepat 2018

And the journey continues.... but my mouth is itchy leh. Looking for something to munch. Ahah.... just nice ... roast duck. Mamarazzi opened a packet of the Petaling Street Sze Ngan Chye roast Duck to munch in the car.

Hey! Mamarazzi bluffed me. this is not drumstick. It's drummet. 

Oh well, pretty soon we arrived at the place where Lovers Bridge Restaurant used to be. I like going into the shop there coz got lotsa things to see. Yikes! bamboo stick is selling for RM23.80 a piece. Wah lau eh... means Aunty Karen and Aunty YL have a fortune in their backyard leh. 

Saw this candy in some dragon pots. Yups... dragon pots are well sought after but many people. Asked Mamarazzi to buy me one... candy of course...not the dragon pot. 

AT the side of the shop also have nice area for people to snap photos. Here I am riding on the back of a dragon and eating my candy. 

Not bad. Candy cum free tooth extractor. Saves from spending money to go to the dentist.  

Found the fishballs. Kaw kaw finally get to eat the fishball before she fly off. 

I wanted to walk to the end of the Lovers Bridge but Mamarazzi was too lazy. Said weather too hot. Kaw Kaw accompanied me and I managed to "bodek" her to buy me an Ice Cream,

Tada! my KL Tower!

Hunting for Salted Fish. Last trip the old man selling salted fish was not around. This round we were lucky. Spotted him selling fishballs. He said he have salted fish  but have to go home and take. While he went home, we drove around the village.

It' just a very tiny village. Went to Baywatch Restaurant to browse around and was surprised that new Loever Bridge Restaurant is built just opposite Baywatch Restaurant, And there was another same outlet of knick knack shop right by the seaside. Went in and managed to "bodek" another Ice cream from Kaw Kaw. 

After awhile , we went and pick up the salted fish and went to the next stop.

....To Be Cont'd....

Monday, 5 November 2018

Wan Tee Longan Farm, Sg Pelek 2018

After visiting OUG morning marketing we still have a lot of time to spend. Where to go leh? Mamarazzi asked Papa of he is not too tired then can go Sg Pelek and Tj Sepat for a half day trip as Kaw Kaw LC have yet to have  her favourite fishball and Longan.

Papa told Mamarazzi to call up the Longan farm boss see if longan is available now. The boss said it's not season yet. Now in season is Pomelo Orange.

Mamarazzi told the boss we just want 1kg  longan only. Many times Kaw Kaw LC come back and it's not in season yet. Luckily the boss replied that he will go to the farm and  pluck 1kg for us.

Off we went. One and a half hour journey. The adults not tired, but am tired already leh.

Energy recharged. ... plus got a bottle of 100Plus for my thirst. 

Walked around while the helper went and get our Longan. 

Many nice plants there.

Pomelo Orange on the tree. 

sadly, many dropped too. Probably due to bad weather. 

Our freshly harvested basket of Longan. It's not Ping Pong Longan but still.....

Super sweet and juicy

Taste much different from those sold in market and pasar malam. 

Some of the fruits sold there.

Here is the address for the farm. Best give the owner a call before you head over as the farm is only open on weekends.

Address: 2, Jalan 30, Taman Sri Sungai Pelek, Selangor, 43950 Sepang
Phone: 012-385 2728

Friday, 2 November 2018

Niu Niu Kulai Beef Noodle, OUG

After going to Free Tree Society Plant Giveaway , we went to Petaling Street. Mainly because Mamarazzi wanted to buy  the famous Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck. Long time have not eaten that. Kaw Kaw LC was looking for Pineapple Tarts to bring back to NZ.

Mamarazzi found her roast duck and I bought fried bihun for breakfast at Petaling Street. Mamarazzi also gave me money to get a bottle of Soya Bean /Milk to go with the bihun.  While Kaw Kaw LC was buying Pineapple tarts, she went to a famous bakery shop to buy Egg Tarts. Unfortunately, the tarts quality had dropped a lot since the last time she bought. Plus there was a terms of minimum purchase of 6 pieces. Not allowed to buy less than that. Guess, this would be the last time Mamarazzi buying from there.

Kaw Kaw LC found her pineapple tarts and we have more than 12 hours to kill before she have to reach airport.

Next stop, Overseas Union Garden morning market. Despite nearly 11am, the market was still ongoing. Nice place to walk as it have many variety of goods. Halfway walking, Mamarazzi got honked by a car. Uiks! surprise. It's one of her new gardening friend.

Saw these steel straws being sold. Hot item now as government planned to ban plastic straws. RM13 a box. But she didnt buy as she don't know whether it's stainless steel or not.

She bought some mini pots for her succulents and Kaw Kaw LC found some more Pineapple Tarts.

Papa was hungry. He went and eat first. Nearby there was a shop selling fresh seafood. I wanted Salmon. Kaw Kaw LC bought a box for me at RM35.

Ever seen anyone eating Salmon in a Beef Noodle Restaurant?

Yup, Mamarazzi was hungry then and she read from FB that there is a new Air-conditioned Beef Noodle Restaurant in OUG. Found it near OUG market .

 They had beef noodle while I had salmon.  Mamarazzi said taste wise not bad. 

Three bowls of beef noodles and a  bowl of stomach cost around RM35 only.  Price wise considered okay as quite a lot of meat in the bowl and also it's an air-conditioned restaurant.

The operation hours. 

Address: 44-58, Jalan 16, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Children Day Celebrations and Free Tree Plants Giveaway

Photo credits to classmate mom

We celebrated Children day in our school last Monday. On Children Day celebration , we don't have to wear school uniform. Instead we get to wear our favourite clothing.

As usual, when asked wanna contribute what food, I answered Soft drinks. Initially thought wanna bring a few 1.5L soft drinks but this year teacher banned. Said worried that we will tumpah(spill) the drinks everywhere. Instead she requested to bring "air kotak" (packet drinks). Mamarazzi laughed at me and said that we are babies still coz Primary  1 to 3, teachers never worry about spilling drink but Primary 4 we have to drink with straws.

One friend asked Mamarazzi  is it true this year, parents not allowed to join the celebration in class. Mamarazzi was not sure as she got Invitation Form from the school but usually she won't attend as she said Children Day is for children. No need parents join la. But what I heard from my class teacher is that parents can come for the Stage Celebration but not encouraged to join in our class celebration as food not enough.

Yikes... food not enough. Hmmm ...true also la. At this age, we are Makan Monsters. On the said  morning, Mamarazzi woke up early and prepared more food for me to bring for the celebration.

And also some fruits too. 

Photo credit to classmate mom

One of my classmate Mom did attend the celebration in our class. There were ample food. Must be all mummies when heard not enough food, they all last minute prepare more food for us. My class teacher was happy and smiling. We managed to finish all the food. 

Our lovely teacher distributing food to us . Making sure that each student have enough to eat. 

When Papa and Mamarazzi come to pick me up in the evening, I told them I "tapau-ed" some food for them as there were more than enough to eat. Mamarazzi said aiyo... why tapau ler. Sure basi (spoil) by evening. But surprisingly the fried rice and fried chicken was still good. 

As usual, Mamarazzi asked me why this year I didn't tapau any junk food home coz previous year each and everyone of us will bring home a big plastic bag of junk food.  I told her this year teacher gave option for us to take the items that we wanted from the junk food pile.  I only took a packet of "Mamee".  

Another BIG eat was last Friday. Papa asked where I wanna treat Kaw Kaw LC for her birthday. I replied Texas Chicken. He said no fast food. Sushi? He said no sushi. Then I said mixed rice. He said Kaw kaw LC ate 4 times mixed rice already. 

Aiyoyo... like that how la.  So end up at Restaurant SF in Sg Buloh New Village. A quick dinner before going home. 

But but but after dinner am still hungry wor.  Mamarazzi went and tapau 2 Red Bean Pau for me which I finished during our journey home. Halfway I asked what's for supper. Mamarazzi was surprised that I still have room for supper.  Papa bought burger for me.Nice nice... Tummy full full nice to sleep. 

Next day have to wake up early. Why? Coz  Mamarazzi wanna go to Bangsar for Free Tree Society Plant Giveaway Day, Meeting a few friends there and bringing a few cuttings to contribute. 

We arrived early. Me and Mamarazzi went in and met her friends who were volunteering there while Papa and Kaw Kaw LC went for breakfast. I asked Mamarazzi whether I can take a "Sapling" home. She said can as each person is allowed to take 2 plants. 

At first I choose this but Mamarazzi said it will grow into a big tree. No space for it at home.  She helped me choose another. It's Hibiscus Mutabilis. This hibiscus will changes color. Morning it's white and by evening it will turn pink. 

Mamarazzi asked me to help her to catch some guppy but this round the guppies were hiding. I only managed to catch some shrimps. 

We came home very late that evening. Mamarazzi just put everything at the car porch. Next morning, I went looking for my hibiscus. 

Is this it? Nope... it's Bat Lily

Aha... here is my Hibiscus. Hope it will grow big and strong. Give me some flowers. 
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