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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Gardening - Soil & 'Re-potting'

 Reporting ...repotting....reporting repotting... Sorry ya...Late post today. This morning Mamarazzi went to buy some more soil for re-potting some plants.

RM5 for a big sack of soil. Wokay la...not you grade A type of soil. Bought from the nurseries nearby. It's the soil that the nurseries dug out when they re-plant their plants. There were some roots in it but hentam la. Inside also have loads of goodies. Already have those what you call it....peat moss and etc in it.

Main purpose is to give these lime plants their own home. Previously all were in one pot, hidden on the balcony.

Why hidden ah? Coz of the darn caterpillars's a love and jhate relationship. If put in the garden, sure the plant would be "botak"(bald) in no time.

What type of lime ah....errr...actually Mamarazzi also dunno coz last year we had mini mandarin oranges, Kamquat, lemon and duno what...Mamarazzi just threw them into a pot. Some grew but was attacked by caterpillars till it "kojol"(died). Left these few. hence she had them hidden in the balcony...though see if they would survive or not.

Well...5 of them did.

 Remember our Basil Invasion? Well....after that there was black bugs invasion. Most of the basil died. Left these three.....hopefully they will survive la.

 A happy moment see this multi petals jasmine blooming. 

 It had a wonderful scent. 

Just in case of another attack....Mamarazzi planted some cuttings of the Jasmine. No pot but plastic oil containers also can la...remember reduce, recycle and reuse? 

 A pretty but naughty plant.......climbing everywhere. Mamarazzi finally bought the "cucuk" thingy from Daiso. Ah...let them climb there la.

 Help!!! Spiders !!!....'s spider had loads of babies "spider" . Time to replant it and giveaway lo. 

 Another one that had become too big for its pot. This Periuk Kera(Pitcher plant) have too many branches liao...time to trim  and put in another pot. No more pot...again temporary use the plastic container la.

 Finally planted the Cuban Oregano from the Free Tree Society. Said to say Mamarazzi don't think the rose will make it. It's starting to turn brown.

 On a happier note, Mamarazzi spotted one of the tadpoles had grew a set of legs while she was changing their water this morning.

Where was I while she was doing all this? In school lo.... These days very tiring and hungry leh. Usually when she come and pick me up from school, she would bring me a cold drink ..maybe Milo or milk put in the freezer bag. Last Monday, she surprised me by bringing me a Pau (dumpling). Hungry ah.....sumbat all into the mouth first and sleep like a hamster. 

Wokay....that's all for now...Mamarazzi gotta rush liao.....gotta cook and pick me up from school liao....hopefully tomorrow will have time to blog hop la.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Banana Leaf Rice at Devi's Corner, Bangsar

 Wah ...exploring the Free Tree Society place really makes me hungry leh. Some more play with ah moi catching fishes.

Papa asked wanna eat what? I said rice or something like that. "Malay, Indian or Chinese?", asked Papa. I told him wanna eat with hand punya.

Bangsar...bangsar...hmmm.....Papa said he heard that food is nice at Devi's Corner.

Must be our lucky day. Lunch time....and yet managed to get a parking spot that day.

Upstairs have air-cond but we sat downstairs to keep an eye on the car.

Mamarazzi was real surprised. Usually in other banana leaf rice restaurant that we went to , they only give 3-4 types of vegetables. You want acar, fried bitter gourd, fried salted chili and'll have to ask for it. But at Devi's Corner....the waiters (yup...2-3 fella came), just plonk all the goodies on to the Banana Leaf without us having to ask for it.

The Poppadoms and fried bitter gourd came separately in a plate. Very generous portion too. 

 Mamarazzi asked for one type of curry only while Papa told the waiter to "campur"(mix) several type of curry on to the rice.

Fuiyoh.....even with one type of curry, Mamarazzi already said spicy. But papa with so many type of curry....."raining" oh....."raining" but still nice to eat leh.

Mamarazzi said the best was this. Cooked mango. Not sure how they cook it but she said it tasted delicious. She can have loads and loads of this with just rice alone leh.

 Am less adventurous. I took plain rice with the cucumber salad and Poppadoms. 

 Papa said next round wanna bring Ah Kong and Ah Mah to eat here . Hopefully can find parking spot la. No that pricey too. Aiya....where is the receipt ah.....dunno Mamarazzi "sumbat" where already...If not mistaken, it was around RM19 inclusive of drinks.

Wanna try out the food here?  Here is the address from their Facebook  69 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur,

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur - Giveaway for World Planting Day

 Saw the announcement by Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur that they are having giveaway for World Planting Day, last Saturday.

We have loads of Daun Kadok, Indian Borage and Pegaga. Messaged them if they need any and they replied that they welcome Daun Kadok and Indian Borage.

Armed with that, I went there for the first time.

Wow....they are sure giving out loads of tree and herbs plants for free. Each person may take one plant home.

Oh my Kucing! There were Durian trees too! Nah! We didn't take that.

 Instead we took rose and Cuban Oregano. 

They were giving out tadpoles and little fishes too. 

I had great time trying to catch some fishes but all I caught were tadpoles. A pretty girl girl helped me to catch a little fish. 

 Hi! Little tadpoles....

 The fish that the girl girl helped me to catch.

Mamarazzi said put the tadpoles at a shaded area in the car porch la. Soon they will become frogs.

Thank you to Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur for this wonderful opportunity. Watch out for their next giveaway in Facebook. Their Facebook page is

Monday, 23 March 2015

Momentus Moment

 Here we go......

Papa drove me to the bicycle shop....I told the guy what I wanted....

Bye bye training wheels...

 Vroom ! vroom! outta my way!!!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Music Carnival at Paradigm Mall

Tak aci betul...people have school holiday but I don't have.  School holiday still gotta go school and "study" daily.

But lucky me no need to 'study' whole day. Half day can follow Papa go 'work'. The other day Papa need to go PJ area to work. Apa lagi...I will follow you~

After Papa finished work, he asked me where I wanna go. I said Paradigm Mall. He asked wanna go there for what? Told him I just wanna "walk-walk". Okay la...Papa drove me to Paradigm Mall.

While walking around, I saw this place where loads of kids playing game. A lady said if wanna play games, I have to register first.

I tarak malu. Went up the stage and asked for a form. I register ah....?'s my phone number ah? No need ah...okay la....hentam la. They have me one Blue Card. Ask me to go to each Station and play a game. After getting a stamp from each station, I have to come back to the stage and claim a mystery prize.

 First Station - Instrument Mix & Match

Gotta sort musical instruments into the correct groups. 

 Second Station - Robotic in Maze.

Ho! This one I love. Have to use the "remote control robot" to bulldoze the balls and park the robot back into the red parking spot. Easy peasy.

Third was Coloring. Coloring is not one of my favourite activities. They let us choose each a model of something to color. I love cars so I choose a race car.

 Next comes playing with clay. Supposed to make something with the clay but some how the teacher teach all to make lamb lamb......Goat year?

 My Lamb lamb with very long tail....Nearly lost it when I was looking at other stuffs around the carnival. Luckily found it under a table.

 Last Station. Fun with Science. I love this...not because got pretty teacher la....though she is very pretty....She made magic with batteries. mystery gift! What's in the bag ya?

Oh...... got something like  figurine of Superman. Also a RM20 discount voucher from Robotic company.

Told Papa I wanna go again the next day as the Carnival is till 22 March 2015. Mamarazzi said no. Each kid can play once only....but but but there was one kid there who said he went there daily leh........

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Restaurant Woo Ng Kee at Taman Ehsan

When we were on the road long time and come back to town and what to eat; don't feel like trying out unknown food quality from new's best to stick to the old and trusty restaurant.

Opps....not really old la but what i mean is the restaurant that have consistent good food.

That's how we ended up at Restaurant Woo Ng Kee , Taman Ehsan. 

 Ordered rice to eat with Claypot Taufu. It's brimming with lovely mushrooms, shrimps and sotong. I love the gravy to go with the rice.

 Mamarazzi loves a good bowl of spinach soup. *wanna be popeye?* Papa got hooked to. wanted to ordered some more but aborted coz don't think can finish it coz we just had half a chicken.

I love the steam chicken especially the skin. Yum... hahaha... that's my fingers there. Photo-bombed Mamarazzi's photo.

If friends come and wanted good food, we would surely recommend this place.

Here is the address  :-

 545, 546, 547, Jalan E3/7, Taman Ehsan, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hong Kee Mah Chee And Peanut Dessert(Fa Sang Wu ) at Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

 You would think after buckets full of rice, we couldn't eat anything more right? Nope, next stop Auntie Claire directed us to this roadside stall Said to have the best Mah Chee/mochi (whatever you pronounce it la.) and also Fa Sang Wu (peanut dessert) in Ipoh.

 The Fa Sang Wu. Thick, creamy and sweet dessert. 

 Getting "manja" with Auntie Claire.

 Next comes the Mah Chee/Mochi. Think it's glutinous rice flour mixed into a dough and then with pounded peanuts added.

 The Boss said the best way to enjoy this Mah Chee is to dip the whole thing into the bowl of sweet Fa Sang wu.

Mmm....mmmm...nmnmnmnmn.....cannot talk liao..... delicious leh. The Boss tarak bluff. 

This stall is located along Jalan Queen in Ipoh. Easy to spot. You just need to see the place where there are loads of cars parked at the roadside, then you know the stall is nearby. Many stopped there to enjoy this sweet dessert. Yums....


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