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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

December 2019 Wrap-Up

1st December

This is another all-in-one post. December was a busy month for us. Had an impetuous trip to Sekinchan. Just the right time as the Paddy Field are turning golden in color.

Wanted to visit La Familia Orchard but surprisingly it was not open. I wonder did they stop taking visitors or something else.

Visited the usual places. The Rice factory. Yikes... the shops had expanded. There bought a mango sundae there. Didn't buy anything as the prices are similar to what we can get at our place. Then we drop by Mango King Stall. Again it was "human mountain, human sea". We just wen and look see look see. The mango price are a bit higher than at the night market. But probably because these mangoes are fresh from the tree?

Next stop was Ah Mah's House. I have forgotten this place. Nice to see it again. Saw the "sticky balloon" that my teacher showed me. Mamarazzi bought a packet for me.

 I tried blowing the "balloon" in the car but it was pretty hard. Mamarazzi laughed. Next stop was the beach. Had Coconut water and fried Oysters. Taste so-so la. Weather was very hot. Beh tahan(Cannot stand it). Finished our drinks and food fast fast and cabut(went/run) into the car.

5th December
Went for Big Bad Wolf Books sale preview at MIECC

7th December

Another zoomy day. Early morning went to help Friend hunt for something. Next went to Setia Alam Convention Center to collect Mamarazzi's winnings at Tastefully Food Fair. Holy Moly! so many free sample of food for me to sample. YUMMY!

 Since we were nearby lo... so drop in BookXcess Sunsuria Forum lo to utilise our RM10 discount voucher.

That evening, we came home with a bunch of goodies. 

Yummy "Yoke Kon"(chinese sweet meat jerky) ... winnings from FB contest.

11th December

Went "midnight shopping" at BBW

14 December 

Went to Paradigm Mall to exchange a defective book from Popular Bookstore and coincidentally saw the We Bare Bear deco. Took some pics. It seems that these bears are very popular nowadays

15th December

Went to BookXcess Amcorp Mall to utilise all the RM10 vouchers. Just nice to buy Christmas Gifts.

Crazy about fish and chips lately. So we went to try out Cor Blimey at Uptown Damansara. Food took very long time to arrive. Maybe  the Chef took extra care in preparation of the food kot... Portion wise was very big.

20th December 2019

Mamarazzi's frying madness came. Fried 10kg of Chinese arrowhead chips. and I ate..... ahem ahem kg of Chinese arrowhead chips.

21st December 
Me pulak Lipton Tea madness. Touch n Go E-wallet having promotion. RM1 a bottle of Lipton tea.

23 December
Yay! Party time! Had an early Christmas party at the tuition center.

24th December

Christmas Eve.. where to eat what to eat ah? Fish and chips! Yup... this time we went to Fish & Co at Paradigm Mall

Personally I like Fish and Co better . 

One more pic with We Bare Bear before going to buy Christmas pressie for Mamarazzi

28th December

Post Christmas and Pre-New Year Party at a friend's house. 

Someone pretending to be Santarina

31st December

Great end to year 2019... found Sea Salt Sofuto is back again at Family Mart. 

Monday, 16 December 2019

November 2019 Highlights

On 31st October 2019, Mamarazzi went to the grand opening of BookXcess at Sunsuria Forum Setia Alam. Why ? Because this outlet is pretty unique. It have a cave liked access. Inside, you can find almost everything an avid reader want. There  are plenty of corner and nooks for one to sit comfortably and read or do ones assignment. I didn't get to go because it was a schooling day.

She got a goodies bag because she was one of the first 100 customers there. Also won some vouchers from KLBAC games. 

Though I didn't get to go, but she bought me a yummy rainbow cake from Wolf Cafe and surprised me when she came to pick me up. 

On 2nd November 2019, there was no schooling. She finally brought me to BookXcess Sunsuria Forum.

 I fell in love with it.

I love the nooks and corner for me to sit and enjoy the books there.

Found some books that I like and brought it home. Guess how much we paid for this pile of books? We paid RM6.45 only... because we used up all the gift vouchers. 

Me and my books. 

My school report card day(PTA Day) was in November too. After picking up the report card I came home and helped Mamarazzi to prepare plant cutting for Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre event . 

The next day we went to help out and distribute free plants at Bukit Jelutong Recycling Centre.

It was also Papa and Mamarazzi big day. I treat them to an expensive dinner. 

Also had a hard time choosing my costume. I was involved in a dance performance. How do I look in the costume? 

The BIG day finally arrived. 

Our team did pretty well. Teachers from other centres remarked that they didn't expect the performance need to be so perfectly synchronised. Our Centre also won the best art work made from recyclables. 

Before month end, we went to pick up some BBW preview passes . Thank you Uncle Andrew !

Our man's best friend was also discovered to be making some funny face. 

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale @ MIECC 5th-16 Dec 2019- 2nd Round

We were crazy. We went to the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale AGAIN yesterday. Guess what time? It was witching hour. Crazy right? Who goes book shopping at 3am ? Well surprisingly there were quite a number of people there. BBW sale opens 24 hours a day till 16th DECEMBER 2019. Don't miss out!

What did we buy? Books of course! *LOL* . It was LOVELY.  Most of the books found at the Preview were gone. Now there are new titles on the floor. Keen to know what books were there yesterday? Here is the link to Mamarazzi's Facebook post. She had snap some photos of the books.

 These are some of the books we managed to find.

These books and the ones above are mine. Am so happy with the find. It was so nice to do midnight shopping there. The crowd was not as bad as during the preview day. No carts cluttering the aisle.

Mamarazi managed to buy a lot of children books for her friend.

For herself, she managed to find these. There are a new section called TREASURE ISLAND. Yup...books there are odd titles and each book cost RM6 ONLY. Not all are new books but there are some really good titles there. A real treasure island! Do drop by Treasure Island if you are there.

My most happy find is this. It's a curious box. There are bento set in it. A FARTING balloon. A comic book . And a toilet roll with graphic of human anatomy. It cost RM15 only!

 Mamarazzi said she regretted buying this for me as I kept making farting sound.

Payment counters was a breeze. The pretty Jie Jie there were very helpful and kind. As we were exiting BBW, I saw the message board. Hmm... my message during the preview day was gone. Thought want to leave another message but i saw stamps on the table. Mamarazzi said I can use it to stamp my books.

 Happily I managed to stamp some books before Mamarazzi dragged me away coz she said want to beat the morning traffic.

Oh ya.. We managed to redeem an awesome BBW note book and button badge . Totally in love with it.

As we were exiting the sale, a polite security kor kor asked to check our receipts. It was near the table where they sell button badges. Mamarazzi saw that i was eyeing the button badges and said i could choose 5 for my bag. Nice? I pin them on my new backpack.

She also bought a stationery set for me . Those who bought books from BBW with a minimum of RM150 in a single receipt is eligible to buy stationery set at RM9.90. Normal price rm28.90. And our receipt was definitely more than that.

First stop... to find breakfast. Went to Sri Petaling. There is a Nasi Lemak stall that sells very DELICIOUS nasi lemak at Jalan Radin Tengah, opposite Lucky Restaurant. We pack some home and dropped by a friend's home and pass her all the children books.

Next... to go home. I was supposed to be the navigator but Mamarazzi said halfway "waze" had gone to dreamland. Can't blame me as i was very sleepy leh. Sleepy but it was fun. I asked Mamarazzi to go again today but she said her feet "jellified" already ...scary to drive so far.

Her prized loot from this hunt was this. It's being turn into a drama . It's an awesome book according to Mamarazzi.

Check out the author's announcement and see the trailer. 

There are FOUR(4) more days for the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale. Do drop by the sale if you have not done so.
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Mark your calendars, plan your journey, and get ready to (book) hunt BIG!

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Arrived home, the man's best friend was unhappy.

Sulk coz left home alone. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post nor a sponsored post. It's just a record of what we found at BBW this year. 

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