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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fried Nian Gao with Popiah Skin

Some people  can fry nian gao with flour very nicely but not Mamarazzi.  Each time the batter would  either be too watery or too thick. Not fluffy at all.

She was lamenting about this to Auntie Claire  this morning  over breakfast.  Aunt Claire who had travelled  far and wide suggested  fry Nian Gao wrapped  with popiah skin.

Apalagi mau tunggu? No need to wait for next Tuesday. She immediately  went and find sweet potatoes and yam.

Cut them into small size. Should have been smaller size but Mamarazzi was lazy.

Layer it with yam,  nian gao and sweet potato.

Wrap them into neat little "bundle".

Deep fry them with low fire. Yup...low fire....coz 1st batch got burnt as the fire was too "big".

Jeng! Jeng! After fail 2-3 times...finally  got two presentable  looking  fried Nian Gao.

Can't wait to have a bite. Mamarazzi  made 11 pieces of these.  Took 1 for herself. Papa said make so many how to finish leh.....but later on when Mamarazzi  want to take a 2nd piece, only 2 were left on the plate.

Wah lau magic show oh...

Tastes okay. For Mamarazzi  , this is a less messy way of frying Nian Gao. No need to pening about the batter.

Thank you  Auntie  Claire for the yummy idea.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Gong Xi Fatt Chai 2016-Home Sweet Home

恭喜发财, 红包拿来. 没有红包, 不能进来. Hahaha...learnt this from school  friends.

Yes , it's  the 3rd day of Chinese  New Year.  Just got back in town late last night.

Today, Mamarazzi  cooked up a storm to feed me. I seems to be famished 24 hours a day.

For lunch,  we had my current  favour  fish-Jumping Fish dish. It's actually  Patin fish but i call it Jumping Fish coz they like to jump and splash around in the tank.

Also have Papa's  favourite sea-cucumber and the Prawns that  Papa bought from his work place.

The Patin fish is from Temerloh.  Yup.. we stopped by Temerloh  for dinner on our way home yesterday.

Dinner was another yummy affair. Mamarazzi  made dumplings. She fried half and cook with soup the other half. 

Again mixed vegetables with sea-cucumber. Golden pumpkin with oink oink. Not my favourite dish. My favourite dish is the soup dumplings.  Very slurpy. Yum. wonder people complain say will gain weight during Chinese New Year.  If everyday eat like this...wah lau eh...

Well, tummy full liao. Time to sleep. Tomorrow morning  gonna meet a very important  person for breakfast. 


Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Coming Birthday Cake

A friend Whatsapps Mamarazzi  the photo of a cake. She thought "hey, got potential  leh....easy to make and not costly". 

Hence, tonight while she was cooking dinner ..she tried her hand making similar cake but with different  ingredients. 

Mamarazzi  called me to fetch her phone. Said wanna snap photo of the cake wor....

But when i came to the  kitchen...all i saw is this...hey...where's the cake..?

She asked me to look from the side....Jeng jeng! A piece of "cake".

Said she love this cake wor...maybe even make this into my birthday  cake...

My birthday  cake?????

Friday, 29 January 2016

Miscellaneous Update

Time to clean  spider web from the blog liao. It's  Friday again. How many weeks already ah since school started? Seems like nearly daily Mamarazzi  got bullied by the rain.

Last  weekend was a long weekend.  Three days off plus two self-declared school holiday coz not well.

Mamarazzi  finally  managed to make presentable and non-leaking Nian Gao. Satisfied  liao. And this year I suddenly  discovered a liking of eating Nian Gao. Asked Mamarazzi to make dome more for me. Taste good while its not harden. Roll it in shredder  coconut. Yummy.

On Sunday  I felt much better.  Papa brought me to JayaOne for scootering. Not many kids there. Probably they had gone shopping for Chinese New Year stuffs with their parents gua.

Replenished my energy with this. Banana Leaf Rice.

As for gardening,  Mamarazzi is trying out planting spring onions in eggs tray. 

Hopefully  tomorrow  Mamarazzi can do a proper post la. To those who emailed us asking why long time no updates, thanks. Don't worry. We are okay.

A great weekend to all of you !

Friday, 22 January 2016

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year 2016 "Double the Ong" (Free Pass Giveaway)

How is everyone? Me? Not so good. Been wrapping "wantan" for the past two days. No, am not selling Wantan Noodles but it's rather a slang for having flu. Yea.. the usual CCF . Cough Cold and Fever.

But nevermind. Mamarazzi just received a very ONG news from our kind sponsor. It's Double Ong for you and me this year at KidZania.

This year, KidZania Kuala Lumpur is having DOUBLE THE ONG  celebration to usher in the Year of the Monkey and have arranged loads of fun activities.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Double the Ong promotion rate is RM88 for 1 Adult and 1 kid ticket when you purchase online and get free Ang Pows with KidZo from 1st to 14th February 2016( terms and Conditions applies) . For more information and details, do visit their website at and Facebook at

What activities, you asked?

Here is the list of Special Chinese New Year activities. : -

Tangyuan Lessons
Description: Learn how to make delicious tangyuan glutinous balls that are absolutely yummy!
Date: 22 January – 29 January 2016
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Martial Arts Workshop
Description: Be a kung-fu kid by learning martial arts and showing off your skills!
Date: 29 January – 4 February 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Lantern Making Contest
Description: Take part in our lantern-making contest to win awesome prizes!
Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016
           6 February – 7 February 2016
           8 February – 9 February 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 12.00pm – 12.30pm
           Session 2 @ 12.30pm – 1.00pm
           (Only 4 pairs of 1 Parent and 1 Kid per session)
Location: Event space

Chinese Musical Instrument Workshop
Description: Play kool Chinese New Year musical instruments that maybe you have never played before!
Date: 30 January – 31 January 2016
Time: 2.00pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Traditional Games
Description: Play fun traditional Chinese games together with your friends!
Date: 1 February – 21 February 2016
Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
Location: In front of the National Store

Magic Show & Chinese Face-Changing Mask Performance
Description: Be wowed by a marvellous magic show and a super kool face-changing mask performance!
Date: 23 January – 24 January 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 1.00pm
           Session 2 @ 3.30pm
Location: In front of the Metropolitan Theatre

Okay....that was good news number 1. Good news number 2 is.........jeng jeng jeng!!!!!***drum roll***


Yup, you read correctly. The sponsor is giving 5 readers commenters of this blog a chance to win a free double pass (1Adult +1Kid).

Don't worry. Be happy. Very simple steps  only . All you have to do is :-

   (Poster to copy and upload into your social Media)

STEP 1 :

Share the above ( 2nd pic in this post) KidZania Kuala Lumpur Double Ong poster on your social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) before February 7. Please set privacy settings to PUBLIC. Don't forget ya... must be PUBLIC as the sponsor need to verify the entry. 


Step 2 : Hashtag#KidZaniaKL & #KZKLDoubleTheOng and put the link in the comment box of my blog post together with your reachable e-mail address.

As simple as that. If your entry is selected, the sponsor will contact you for ticket collection. 


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Appeal for Donation - SP Rumah Orang Tua

Hi! Friends. We would like to appeal your help to fix the roof of this old folks home in Sungai Petani.

Here are some of the screen  shots taken from Facebook.  This Old Folks Home is managed by Mamarazzi's friend, Mr Delren.

This is not a scam or hoax. Would appreciate  any help you can give. Here is the link to Mr Delren's Facebook
If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to contact  Delren. Thanks. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Third Week of School and Nian Gao Making

So fast time flies. This is the 3rd week of school.

Mamarazzi and me had finally got into the rhythm of things.

Daily woke up 7am . Go for my daycare cum tuition. Noon, school bus lady will come and fetch me and I can sneak a nap in the bus. Came home around 7pm. Took a shower. Have dinner and relax a bit before starting my homework at 8pm. If i managed to finish my homework by 9pm, i get some Me Time which i usually  spend playing tablet or sometimes, Lego.

Happy coz this year I still get to join church Funland activities AND school activities  on Saturday.

 Papa said pakai hentam enroll  la if i wanna join school activities like martial art this and that.  Let me run here and there till tired.

This year Mamarazzi  not making Chinese Arrowhead Chip. pricey leh. Between rm6 to rm10 per kg.  Buy ready made ones would be better.

Thought wanna make pineapple tarts but lazy.

End up making Nian Gao (errr..sticky steam cake?".  Asked neighbour for "donation " of some banana leaves.

Making Nian Gao is easy but the wrapping  part needs a lot of "kungfu "(and a lot of banana leaves!).

Yesterday made 3. One leaked badly. Fed to Mr Bin. The other two leaked  too but able to salvage. The top one in the picture is one leaking nian gao from yesterday.

Made another  3 today. Two did not leak. It's still in the mug as at the time of posting this blog coz  Mamarazzi  don't want to ruin the shapes. The 1 at the bottom picture leaked a bit but not as badly as yesterday.

Not bad la. Maybe if Mamarazzi  can find some more banana leaves she will make some more. I can curi one and give to my class teacher so that she will be like the Kitchen God...after eating the sweet cake, she will  report only good things to Mamarazzi.  Who support  my idea? If yes..."donate " some banana leaves to Mamarazzi  ya.


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