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Monday, 28 July 2014

Mamarazzi's Bihun Steamed Fish

Long time have not had fish. Dunno what "wind" came and Mamarazzi felt like having steamed fish but don't feel like having it in restaurant.  Went Jaya Grocer to get a fish.

Mamarazzi's steamed fish very easy. Just slices some tomatoes..*please ignore the carrots*..some mushroom slices...same preserved vegetable and a bit of Tanghoon or Bihun(up to you) .

Put everything on the plate. Add some Goji and sprinkle a bit of salt. Put into the steamer or wok and steam till the fish is fully cooked.

How do you know the fish is fully cooked? For Mamarazzi, she look at its "hand" (pectoral fin) had raise up signalling "I surrenderrrr".

There....just like this!

Mmm....I love the taste of the bihun that Mamarazzi put in with the fish. It had soaked up all the sweetness of the fish.

No photo! No photo!...makan first.....

Friday, 25 July 2014

A Surprise ! A Surprise!

In May, Mamarazzi posted about Name The Gem Giveaway by SerendipitybyJoW. She didn't win but last Saturday, there was honking at our gate. Yup, Poslaju was honking outside.

A surprised....some one sent Mamarazzi this.

Nice or not? They must have got it from How did the person know that blue is one of Mamarazzi's favourite colour?

Thank you very much Anonymous. 

There was another surprise is for me. Nice or not this cap? Got a Koala Bear Keychain for me too. Thank you very much Jie Jie Joanna.

Another surprise from Mother Nature........finally after many moons ..... 

Yay! long weekend is here! 

Selamat Hari Ray to those who are celebrating and happy holidays to the rest.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kerabu Mango with NuStevia

Is mango season over? Seems just like in a blink of eyes only. I can't get enough of mango. One of my favourite fruits.

These are the harvest from the playground in front of our house.  Too raw to eat on its own but would be great to make into kerabu.

That's what Mamamazzi did.

Just shred a mango. Slice some onions. add some mint leaves from our garden. For the extra saltiness, just fry some dried shrimps or anchovies and add into the mix.

For some great taste...just squeeze some lime juice and add NuStevia No Carbs Blend Premium Natural Sweetener from NuNatural.

 This way, Papa can enjoy it with us. Hmm.....Mamarazzi wonder whether we can get some Stevia plant here in Malaysia or not. Seems like something good for the garden

What happened to the extra mangoes? She made into pickled mangoes. Just slice and put into jar. Add sugar, vinegar, asamboi and kum choh. Maybe she should have tried to pickle them using Stevia Syrup instead of using sugar. Oh well...there is always next round.

Oh ya...I received nice surprise from  Uncle SK. Thank you very much for the lovely card . You are so creative la.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Bazar Ramadan and Honey Chicken Wings

It's that time of the ear again. Have you been to any bazar Ramadan yet?

Last week we went to Bazaar Ramadan at our area...walked up and down.....end up...only bought Sugar Cane water.

Mamarazzi saw the price of food have increased and also the portion not that big nor appetising. 

Saw Chicken wings sold the...why so red ah? 

Like that the chicken wings that mamarazzi made the other day was nicer leh. Just marinate with some salt and honey.

Cut some pandan leaves(screwpine) from the garden to "alas" the chicken wing. Put into the oven and grill......whole house have very nice Pandan aroma.

Made some "yellow" rice for me ...she melted some ghee on the pan and fried some spices. Then throw into the rice  poit to cook with basmati rice. Added some Kunyit(Turmeric) powder.

Kau satisfying meal. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Candied Pomelo Skin Recipe

 Mamarazzi was chatting with Uncle Twilight Man but don't know how the topic comes to Pomelo. He mentioned that when he was small, he had tasted very nice pomelo skin pickled. Taste a bit like Marmalade .

It's first time that Mamarazzi heard of Pomelo Skin pickled. A search through google yields surprising result. There are so many thing can be done with Pomelo skin. There are Pomelo Skin braised meat, Pomelo skin salad , Pomelo skin candy and many more but she can't find anything about pomelo skin pickled.

 She noticed that the Pomelo Skin Candy looks interesting. Well, we still have one Pomelo leftover from our Ipoh trip...yup...Fresh Pomelo can be kept up to a month.

To have sweet pomelo, it's best to wait for the skin to feel soft before eating. Those fresh pomelo will not be as sweet.

 "Operated" on the pomelo.

 Cut the skin into strips. Cut away the "white" thingy as according to the recipe, that is the thing that makes the skin taste bitter.

 Blanched the pomelo skins 3-4 times in hot water.

 Last ....pour a cup of water plus a cup of sugar and boil the skin till translucent. 

 Mamarazzi rolled half of the skins in caster sugar while the other half she dipped in honey as Uncle Twilight mentioned that the ones he tasted have honey taste and it's wet.

 Jemur it under the sun. Too very long to dry properly leh.

 When I came home, it's still not properly dried. Those with sugar have harden but those with honey still sticky.
I tasted a slice......Mamarazzi asked me how? My reply was very diplomatic..."nice". But when she asked me to have some more I said "enough".

Mamarazzi tasted them...she likes the ones with sugar more than those with Honey. Honey with honey still tasted quite bitter. End up, she took them into the house and rolled everything in sugar.

Hmm.....learn new thing that day. Thanks uncle Twilight for the tips. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Robert's Penang Fried Kueh Teow, Subang Two.

Went to Uncle Sam Seafood Noodles restaurant in Subang 2 to have mixed rice...okay okay....confusing ya...mixed rice in a noodle shop...but what to do?

 We have not been here for quite sometime. Noticed a new stall. Robert's CKT. Hmm...wondering whether it have any connection with the famous Robert CKT in PJ

I had my mixed rice. 

 While Papa had the CKT. It was RM5, if not mistaken. Looks a bit like Robert CKT in PJ leh. Mamarazzi didn't taste but Papa said not bad la.

Keen to try? Here is the address : 29-G Jalan Bulan U5/CA, Bandar Pinggiran Subang Seksyen U5, 40150 Shah Alam

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Kedai Bunga Cheon Heng (Lot 36) , Jalan Subang

 Our garden seems to be expanding though not much output yet. Friend gave us some potted plants. Need to transplant this big Aloe plant .

 Then the birds brought us this Java Ginseng plant. 

Haiz...not enough pot in the house leh. Then Mamarazzi saw a friend mentioned that she bought very cheap pots from Sg Buloh Lot 36. Hence one morning while I was in class, Papa and Mamarazzi heads over to Lot 36.

 Yikes....too early....have not open yet.... 

a lot of plants outside the building

 Went back there again. The boss said they open 9am. These medium size clay pot cost RM4.50 each only.


 Apart from that, they also sells all sort of fertilisers 

 Mamarazzi bought 6 of these home plus another 3 more pot which is bigger size which was being sold at RM6 each due to some slight defect.

 Now her Misai Kucing plants....

 And Aloe Vera plants have new home liao.....but but...the aloe plant are getting a bit brownish though not soft...maybe wrong soil? Have to hunt for correct soil la..

Oh ya....see the middle pot? that's one of the RM6 pot. Big right? the defect not so noticeable.

Oh well....looks like I can "play" more water lor by watering the plants in the pots. 


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