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Monday, 18 July 2016

Kajang Hot Pepper Soup Restaurant, Centerpoint Bandar Utama

Yesterday I had a "storming" session in PJ. My 1st time. Luckily, the whole group of us passed the grading test.

Mamarazzi  saw and asked why so "lembik" also can pass ah? If comes to real thingy, the big bad wolf huffed and puffed, me and my friends would have flown away with the wind liao.

Anyway, after the storming session, there was a real storm (**a bit exaggeration) brewing. Very windy and was raining.

Mamarazzi wanted to have something soupy and warm. Papa recalled Auntie Annie's FB post on Kajang Hot Pepper Soup in CenterPoint. Off we went lo.

Arrived just in time to grab a table coz after that, many came. There was a queue waiting for available table.

Of course must order the famous  hot pepper soup . Got pork belly slices, liver, stomach and chicken meat. Loaded with fiery hot black pepper. Mamarazzi said just nice for a rainy day. Ah...if add a bit more cooking wine would be perfect.

For me...i don't like hot pepper soup. My favourite is this. Crispy pork. i like to take video using my phone. Maybe i might start a Vlog instead since Mamarazzi seems to be getting lazy to blog. Still addicted to korean drama. Now becoming worse..add with chinese drama some more. A friend introduced her to "icdrama" website which have more shows than iflix. Cham loh...

I polished off half of this. I super like it  . Mamarazzi just had a few slices coz she was enjoying the hot pepper soup.

She also ordered this claypot taufu for me. She was surprised  at how good this tasted as compared to others. The cabbages was cooked till melted , making the gravy super sweet and flavourful.

Will we come back for more? Yes. Though we had to wait long for the food but it was worth the wait.

Here is the address  : F113, First Floor, Centrepoint Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Friday, 24 June 2016

A Mixed Week Round Up

Last weekend was Father's Day. We didn't go anywhere in the morning.  I kept asking Papa what he wanna eat but he couldn't decide.

In the evening we got into the car and off we went. In the end Papa said he kinda feel like wanna eat Crab Fried Bihun.

Okay.....i received some "donations " to my empty wallet recently. So i think i can do a bit of "contributions " to the Father's day meal.

Order "Taufu Kang" . It's a kind of thick soup made of tofu and crab meat.

The main dish. Lots and bihun for me and lots and crabs for Papa. Hmmm...baru best!

My "contribution " Rm100. Still got a few cents left.

Wednesday was another Public Holiday here. Off we went Wolf hunting. Found only 2 banners out of the 5 banners. Managed to get some books for Mamarazzi. 

Oh ya...the Big Bad Wolf Books sale have been extended to 3rd July at The Square, One City USJ.

This morning received a bad news. May he now rest in peace. 

Later in the afternoon dunno will get some more bad news or not....oh my bum bum.....

Monday, 20 June 2016

Homemade Salted Eggs Recipe.

I like to eat salted eggs...but only the egg white. Not the yolk. Anyway, this happened in April. Mamarazzi was planning to make Bak Chang as the Bak Chang Festival is in  June. However, the price of the salted eggs was very pricey at around 90sen to RM1.10 an egg.

She then thought why not try making own salted eggs. Maybe can reduce the cost. Thanks to Mr G, it seems that there are people who uses chicken eggs to make salted eggs instead of duck eggs. Much cheaper.

 Wokay la...Asked Mr G for the recipe. There are many recipe online. Some says just water and salt , some says have to put peppercorn, some say this and that.  Hence, Mamarazzi took a bit from here and a bit from there la.

The ratio of salt and water is 1cup of salt : 2 cups of water. Filled up the container. Yup...she used plastic container. According to some people it's safe to use. But if you can get glass container that would be the best la.

Washed and put the eggs into the container. She added 1 piece of star anise coz one blog mentioned that it would enhance the taste. She also added a tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine as another blog mentioned that it would make the yolk turn red.

Another blog mentioned using Kampung Chicken eggs is better than the normal ones. Hence Mamarazzi put two types of eggs into the container. Have to wait 21 days before the eggs are ready for consumption.

 At the end of the period, Mamarazzi was pretty excited. broke open 3 kampung eggs and 3 normal eggs. Hmmm....can see the kampung eggs yolk is more reddish than the normal eggs.

Well, it did not go to waste as that day Mamarazzi made steamed glutinous chicken rice for us to eat.

Yumm yumm...had eating competition with Papa. No worries, Auntie Claire. The baju still fits leh. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale For the 1st Time At The Square, One City USJ

For the first time ever, BBW Books Sale is being held at The Square, One City USJ. 

It was Mamarazzi's first time there. Yup, you read correctly...I didn't follow coz it's a school day. Surprisingly, there was not much crowd today. Probably it's a working day and it's on fasting month. 

 Some of the books are similar to last December sale while there are also new titles too. Plenty of Geronimo Stilton . Saw Wimpy Kid book there too.

If not mistaken the Lego books are new titles. Jeffrey archer box set was available too.

 Those who wanna collect whole set of The Hunger Games will be delighted coz this round, mamarazzi spotted the box set and also individual books with various book covers. Plenty of Young adult, romance and fiction books too.

 But as those who know Mamarazzi well, they will know that Mamarazzi's main aim is the Children section.

WOW!! found some Smurfs books . Ya, we are trying to collect the complete set. Books for toddlers also a plenty.
 Mamarazzi said lucky I didn't go else she would have to buy the Lego like toy and also the trucks books for me. Am crazy about those.

For those with toddler and young kids at home, mamarazzi spotted many Play-A-Sound book. 

 She was really tempted to get this for herself but then place to put leh. 

 Instead, she got me these. Only found book 2 and 7 of the Darren Shan books but then again no worries la...sure will be able to find in future sale.

 After long hesitation, she got herself The Amber Brown Collection. A box set of 6 books for RM20. Worth it la. She had read the e-books. And it was very nice. Bought this for her collection.

My Little Planetarium is for me. I asked about the solar system the other day. Mamarazzi said buy this la...let me play with Papa.

Mamarazzi is sure her friend would like to read "Ties That Binds , Ties That Break". It's about foot binding.

 Another load of hardcover books for me. 
She thought I would be reading this first but she was wrong....

 I stole this one from the bag and read it while I was sitting on the throne just now *Muhahaha*

These few books are for friends who couldn't make it to BBW. 

Overall, Mamarazzi sees that price of some of the books had increased by around RM2. But then again  it's still lower than the market and she had expected the increase since last year. After all, price of almost every thing had increased. Slight increase in the book price is still acceptable la.  

 Still happy that she registered as a member last December. For every RM100 she spend, she got RM5 discount.

It's a shame that she did not wait for me to go with her tomorrow coz starting tomorrow those who spend RM100 and above will get RM10 voucher to spend at the Curious Corner.

For those who wanna know more about this sale or to check out the books that's available there, do visit BBW Facebook . Those who knows Mamarazzi's FB, can also see the books that she uploaded into the album there.

wokay...time to do some reading lor....goodnight.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

80th Birthday Bash and 50th Wedding Anniversary at Shiridi City Restaurant, Shah Alam

Two weeks school holidays is over. I had an exciting school holiday. Mainly coz my kaw kaw(Aunt) fly back from NZ for Ah Kong's 80th birthday  cum Ah Kong & Ah Mah's 50th wedding anniversary  surprise celebration.

This might be a bit unusual but it was held in an Indian restaurant. It's my favourite indian restaurant too. I think he is the only chef who really listened to my request for "Maggi goreng with no vegetable and NO cili".

My grand parents had celebrated their birthday and anniversaries in some pretty posh restaurants and places before. Anything we can think of, they are able to claim "been there, done what's new? ". Ah Kong have very high expectation of food from restaurants. Anything not  nice, he will say " Beh hiau koh!"  *LOL*

Guess this round Ah Kong and Ah Mah were really surprised lor. Papa and Kaw Kaw managed to hatch up a plan to surprise them ...celebrate at Indian restaurant. 

Yup.. Ah Kong and Ah Mah have been to this place a few times and they like the food here pretty much. Most important thing of the celebration is to give them what they like. Betul tak?

On that day, Papa, Kaw Kaw and Mamarazzi brought them to the restaurant at a pretext of a late breakfast after they dropped me at school for my school activities.

Ah Kong was surprised to "bumped" into a small group of relative eating there. Not suspecting anything, he saw the buffet table and asked the boss what's the occassion and who is having a party there. *LOL*

Wah...loaded with food that Ah Kong and Ah Mah loves.

Hmmm....surprisingly many likes the mutton here pulak. Papa was apprehensive at first on ordering too much mutton as many may not like to eat mutton. But this dish finished very fast while quite a lot of fried chicken was left.

Uiks.....where's the fried chicken photo ah? Ah...must be Mamarazzi missed snapping picture of those dishes coz she zoomed to school to pick me up to attend the luncheon.

 Just in time. Managed to change from my school uniform to casual wear in the car.  One Birthday Cake and one wedding anniversary cake !

 Eh eh eh....wait...Haven't make up yet.... Both pretty excited. 

 Can see my cool Ah Mah smile till "see teeth no see eye"(Direct translation from Cantonese  meaning : very happy)

 Sure la..... All the kids managed to attend the celebration. Even my eldest Kaw Kaw who initially can't attend due to work commitment managed to find time to attend. Morning zooooooooooommmmm all the way from K.T. to KL for this.

The road to reach 80 years old is long and for those who managed to stay married for 50 years is quite rare nowadays. This is certainly a photo to be cherished.

Thank you very much to all the relatives and friends who make time and came to the celebration.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cleaning Up is Made Easier with Ecover Zero Washing-up Liquid

It's unbelievable how time flies. It's the 1st term school holiday again. Mamarazzi just noticed the other day in Facebook that Dumpling Festival is just around the corner. Yikes! she thought still long time to go leh.

Dumpling or better known over here as Bak Chang is nice to eat but Mamarazzi sure hate the cleaning up that it entail each time when she makes Bak Chang. Oily stove and kitchen counter top. Urgh....super hate it.

This year dunno why Papa suddenly said wanna eat Nyonya Bak Chang. This type is much simpler to make but still quite messy.

Oppsss.....looks like not enough bluepea flower. The blue color is very pale. Yup...same like Ecover Zero range of products, Mamarazzi's Nyonya Chang does not have artificial coloring. She uses the color from the BluePea flower to color the chang. year must use more of the bluepea flower

 Lucky for Mamarazzi as we still have  Ecover Zero Washing-Up Liquid that she received some time ago .

Ecover Zero is an eco friendly range of cleaning products that not only reduces the negative impact on our environment but also cares for those who have sensitive skin.

 As stated on the label, Ecover Zero Washing-Up Liquid not only can tackle grease on pots and pans but also this Ecover Zero Range has no  added colouring or fragrance. No fragrance is good as at the end of a tiring day, Mamarazzi like to have a glass of port Ribena to unwind. Lemony fragrance on the glass can be rather...ahem ahem..

 What Mamarazzi likes about this Ecover Zero range is the nozzle of the bottle. You know how some dishwashing liquid with a certain type of  nozzle tends to "drip" , right. Well, this special nozzle ensures that there is no wastage. Nice to use.

Mamarazzi is so glad that Ecover Zero range of products especially this Ecover Zero Washing-Up Liquid is  now available in Malaysia. We can get it from Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben's and even available for online purchase at

Since Ecover Zero Washing-Up Liquid had become a HERO in the kitchen, I can now ask Mamarazzi to make the normal Bak Chang for me to eat . I preferred the normal Bak Chang than the Nyonya Chang.

Monday, 16 May 2016

ECover Zero Non Bio Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner

Hello again. Been missing for a month but I still remember I owe you all the complete story of what happened to my stinky lamb lamb after using ECover Zero products, right? 

What is this Ecover? Well, Ecover is the LARGEST green company in UK(not Ulu Klang, ok) . This company focuses in 2 main objectives that is to make effective and phosphate-free cleaning products AND to reduce the environmental impact when comes to cleaning agent. 

Ecover is not a new company. It's set up and well established since 1980 . Nearly as old as Mamarazzi. It has been a household brand for more than 20 decades. This of course shows how well accepted the products of the company are. If the product is not good, company would have "bungkus" long time ago. 

It reach the shores of Malaysia in 2013 and the products are available at Jaya Grocers, Village Grocer and Big. Now, there is a new  range of Ecover products which is called ECover Zero Range. This new range is especially crafted  for people like Mamarazzi who have young children at home, those who have sensitives skins and those who cares about the environments
(poster taken from wikipedia)

Just like Ecover Zero range of products, Unifi had also finally reached our area and Mamarazzi had gone "dotty".   Who doesn't know the above poster ? The fad had finally reached Mamarazzi. Finished with DOTS, followed by a few others pulak.

Meantime,  my Cikgu also complaint about me ...which in turn made Mamarazzi gone ballistic. Exam was around the corner. I tried every trick to escape. Including offering to do laundry  coz I know we have got ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid. That detergent will not "burn" my hands if I use it. However, Mamarazzi said no.Still have to do revision despite all my scheming.

Anyway, back to the story. I heard that Lamb-Lamb put up a struggle as Mamarazzi threw him into the washing machine.

Used ECover Zero on him.

Used 2 cups of the detergent on him.

It's a good thing that ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid cups is small size. It's very cost saving. Mamarazzi loves the non drip cup design. 

Added ECover Zero Fabric Conditioner for the extra softness.

 Just two cups for the additional softness.

Result? Lamb Lamb came out much cleaner and a bit more fluffier than the time he went into the washing machine. Lucky for ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid is not scented. At least I get the neutral smell instead of floral smell. 

As for the rest of the clothes that went in with lamb-lamb, Mamarazzi can say that they came out pretty clean. The result is satisfactory. Towels also felt soft.

 But poor at last weekend (exam finally over)  , I had to takeover washing my school uniform again. Mamarazzi helped me to soak them overnight in ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid overnight. Next day, I wash them .

Lucky for me that it is gentle on the fabrics and on my hands too. It did not cause the skin of my fingers to peel. My only grouse is that it doesn't have much "bubbles".  I don't get to play with the bubbles lo. 

Looks like Mamarazzi will have to stock up more of ECover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and Fabric Conditioner  as it suits my skin very much. Ecover Zero Range is available no in Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Ben's and also easily purchase online through


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