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Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Sky Watch

For some, the journey is ending. For some, the journey is just beginning.

Happy weekend!

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday Evening Sky Watch

This is what I am seeing now at this part of the world.

Happy long weekend to everyone!

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

VV Hai Li Lao BBQ Steamboat 威威海里捞烧烤自助火锅城

 Last week Mamarazzi was busy baking. Her mooncake presentation had improved much and she baked a batch of red bean paste mooncakes for me and my girlfriend. Well, at least that was what I thought she baked la.  mana tau she also baked lotus paste with yolk mooncakes ..said for Papa to eat but actually to bring back for Ah Kong and Ah Mah.

I had a surprised last week after tuition. were full of stuffs... Yup...another spontaneous trip balik kampung. Mamarazzi purposely didn't tell me about the trip so that I won't be restless during tuition.

Aiyaya.... memang like this one leh. We always do things spontaneously leh. Just like the week before this. A friend texted and asked us to go out for buffet ... think think think...where to eat ah? Then recalled one of Mamarazzi's ex-colleague posted in Facebook about this buffet style steamboat restaurant in Serdang.

Mamarazzi immediately called  the number to make a reservation while her friend contact the rest of the gang. Unfortunately nobody from the restaurant answered the call . Mamarazzi sent a text message and shortly she received a confirmation from the restaurant. Off we went food hunting.

Price quite cheap looks reasonable. Our friend treat us for this makan session. Thank you very muchie ...

Guess what's the first thing I did when we arrived at the restaurant.... Check out the washroom. *LOL* . Yeah....long journey.... need to empty my bladder. Came out of the washroom, I immediately informed everyone that the washroom is air-conditioned. Wah lau eh.....!

There were large variety of food .  Two tables seafood. 

A table of red meat...marinated beef slices, lamb slices, chicken meat, marinated ikan kembung and etc.

A cooler of processed meat. 

Ingredients for steamboat were store at a separate section. There were 3 or was it 4 cabinets full of vegetable, tofu, fishballs, meat ball, mushrooms and etc that goes well in steamboat.

Mamarazzi was surprised by the drink section. Wah they also provided teapot for tea lover like Mamarazzi to make tea.

For me, of course I choose those fruit juice.

Initially we didn't know how to use the multi-tier pot provided. Went and try to BBQ the chicken wings on the pot. The hot plate was not hot enough to BBQ the chicken wings.

Asked the staff . The lady explained that the first tier is for steaming. After steaming, we may place the cooked food on the 2nd tier to keep warm . Third tier is for BBQ meat slices. while the lowest is for steamboat.

If we want to BBQ chicken wings , crabs or fish... we can use the big grill provided at the other section.

Papa went there to grill some Chicken wings...

..fishes for us. 

Mamarazzi went and "sapu" seafood. 

Guess what I "sapu" first... yup..Ice cream. Wow Wee! They have two ice cream box/cabinet. One was the  normal Nestle or was it Walls ice cream while the other was Yuyi ice.

Mamarazzi liked the Yuyi ice better than ice cream. Said tasted more refreshing. 

Each paying adult is entitled to a live crab. Ones can kiap choose the crabs from the aquarium . 

The man at the kitchen will clean the crabs for you.  The crabs can either be BBQ(they will help you to BBQ it) or you can steam it .

We divided the crabs. Some we BBQ , some we steam.

They also have this catching live prawns game. Each table is given a card. And when it is time, they will call out. Representative from each table can test their skill by catching as many prawns as possible.

We have to queue up and fish as many prawns as possible in 30 seconds and put it into the glass containers. The prawns we caught  are ours to do as we please.

Papa managed to catch a jar of prawns. Not an easy feat. The naughty prawns can swim very fast and hard to catch. They can jump very high too. 

No wonder there is a Chinese saying " kek toh sang har kum thiew". which translated to " angry till jumping like live prawns". meaning ones feeling livid. Just like Mamarazzi when she saw I mess up the house after she clean up.

Mamarazzi steamed them in the steamer. Aiyak.... they only provide garlic...tarak ginger. if got ginger will taste nicer leh.

Jeng Jeng! fresh and juice steamed prawns . 

Dessert. These are not provided by the restaurant. Our friend's ex-neighbour got them from her "dusun"(orchard). 

The restaurant  have fruits and jelly too for dessert. I ate loads of jelly and watermelon. 

Forced by Mamarazzi to pose for this photo  before we call it a night. I enjoyed the buffet very much. Didn't eat much but it was fun running up and down taking food and drinks for everyone. 

I also enjoyed watching people catch crabs and prawns. I heard that if certain table have certain  number of people, they are entitle to catching a live fish. 

For mamarazzi, this buffet is worth it. Large variety of food and drinks. Service was very good. They kept refilling the soup whenever it's low. Soup base wise..taste was average. Nevertheless, we would certainly come again if have kaki/gang to eat together. Buffet steamboat is best eaten with many kaki

Sunday, 4 September 2016

God's Rays

Saw this on our way to Ah Mah's house and I said to Papa and Mamarazzi "Look ! God's rays".

On our journey  home, the sky were pretty gloomy. Rained at some parts of the highway.

The amazing thing was..though the sky and hill surrounding the highway were dark and cloudy, there are  spots where the sun's ray penetrated, making  it bright green. That's life.

So take a look at the sky at your part of the world now and see the wonder of God's rays.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival 2016

Last month Mamarazzi saw her friend post up about Sime Darby Art Festival on Facebook. This is the first that Mamarazzi heard of this festival . What caught Mamarazzi's eyes was "For this year' s festival, we will have close to 60 workshops for children and adults. Whether you would like to learn Hip Hop or Chinese Sleeve Dance, Directing or Batik Printing, there is something for everyone to choose from. All workshops are free of charge but there is limited space available. You can also walk-in to register on the festival day, subject to availability.". many workshops...even have Belly Dancing, Bollywood Dance, Flamenco Dancing and many others. 

Apa lagi...after checking various workshops, she immediately register me for  several workshops. 

We arrived there early. 10am was the first workshop - Dance in Speech .... followed by Djembe Workshop, ACX  Puppet, Public Speaking and and...what else ah...lost track. 

While I was attending the workshops, she went and "cuci mata"(wash eye- means browse around) looking at LengZhai and LengLui(Pretty guys and girls) performing there.

All day long there are various performance being perform inside KLPAC and outside. She loves the choir. The little boys and girls have voice of the angels.

She heard the impressive sound of drums being played. They were like calling out to her. She walked out door and saw this energetic performance.

Sorry ya...only able to get the back view as she dare not  disturb the performance by walking to the front.

What she love the most is the smiling face of the performers. They smile to each other and to the audience  making it very pleasant to see. It was like they are having the time of their life. That makes it so special

This second video shows that they are playing a traditional Malay song. Can you identify the song? Amazing how well they blend the old and the new together.

Break for lunch. There were food truck and stall right at the parking lot of KLPAC. I was very hungry. Had this packet of Nasi Briyani with Ayam Berempah. Yippee!! It's not spicy at all. I like.

 I managed to see clown entertaining the adults and kids. 

Outdoor, there were many booths

I wanted to attempt this but Mamarazzi said it's for adult . 

But I did get my hand on Batik Painting. 

Jeng jeng!

Then i went to the booth where they are promoting 100 traditional games. 

Trying my hands on one of the traditional games.

Aiyoyo...this coconut "bowling" may look easy but pretty hard leh. The coconut shape is not completely round.

Aha! This is much easier than the Coconut Bowling. I have talent in this. 

Had to used a lot of "brain juice" for this.

It's time for my next workshop lo.

Got some pretty girl girl bringing a large piece of cloth asking visitors to sign. I couldn't sign it then.

But later on, I managed to sign. 

There are things for everyone. Mamarazzi likes drums and music. Papa likes theatre.  He went to watch three plays .

Mamarazzi was watching this amazing hand percussion when she received a call saying that parent have to accompany the child for the last workshop.

We had fun at this workshop. Made my own puppet with help from Mamarazzi and play with torch light and shadow.

It's sad that we had to go back as it's evening already. I enjoyed myself very much at the Art Festival. hopefully it will be held again next year. 


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