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Friday, 24 February 2017

Double Birthday Celebration

Many long time readers of this blog would know that Papa's and my birthday are very special. Ours are only 1 day apart and we shared the same Zodiac sign. When people asked, Mamarazzi would say that coz I didn't wanna share a cake with Papa.

But then good also leh. Next time when i "Pak Tor" , I can spend my birthday with my "laling" lor.  No fight fight.

 Didn't do much for Papa's birthday this year. I treat Papa dinner from my angpau money. costed quite a dent to it. Ouch!

We went and try out Restaurant Soon Hock near Sierramas. Had their famous steamfish.

Also their famous toufu with minced meat

Simple stir-fried paku vege. A bit over cooked. 

And fried sotong with salted eggs. I liked this dish though Papa said so-so la .

Simple dinner costed me RM80. Oh well....on the way back we "tapau-ed " Domino Pizza for supper. Ngum ngum they were having promotion. 

The next day I went to school as usual in the morning and after school I went for daycare cum tuition. 

When it was teatime i saw a lot of food on the table. Hmmm...the containers looks familiar leh. Then I heard my friends whispering "Joshua's birthday."

Ah...naughty Papa and Mamarazzi had arranged a simple birthday celebration for me at the centre. Mamarazzi told teacher not to let me know earlier as knowing me, i would not be able to pay attention to my studies if i know before hand . 

They went and ordered Vanilla Ice-cream cake for me. I love Vanilla ice cream and yellow color. When Mamarazzi asked me whether I like the color yesterday evening, I asked whether next time can get red one ka as now red is my second favourite color. (Mamarazzi pengsan sekejap)

Apart from cake, we also had pizza and some nuggets. Mamarazzi made some red eggs too. She asked me did teacher eat pizza with us as she bought for everyone. I told her we wallopped all. teachers didn't get to eat any. Poor teachers. Kena Mamarazzi ketuk for not giving some to teachers. 

(Sorry-lah kids, Mamarazzi fingers tired liao to copy paste smiley face coz I had hid her mouse. So those standing bind, she would just blurred the face la)

 Naughty Mamarazzi bought all sorts of soft drinks for us and made a bottle of Lohan Gou with wintermelon drink for the teachers. 

Teacher said to say "Cheese"

Make a wish 

Fast fast blow out the candles. Nine candles. 

Cut the cake. Fast fast distribute and fast fast eat. Niceeeee Ice-cream cake that gave me brain freeze. *LOL* friends very "fast hand". All 48 slices of pizza gone. Teacher also didn't get to eat and I want 2nd slice also finito liao. Looks like you can never go wrong with pizza for a party lo. Even Vegetarian pizza also sapu habis by my friends and me. I asked Mamarazzi next time buy 100 pizza. Again Mamarazzi pengsan sekejap. Pizza monsters. 

Note : Photo credit to Teacher Eunice. Papa and Mamarazzi didn't join the party. Just drop the stuffs and went off.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

First Chinese New Year Dinner at Home

We are home! First Chinese New Year dinner at home. Hungry ah...still wanna snap photo ah.

Came home on the second day. Drop by Aunty CC's place and guess these lovely Fish Karipap/puff.

It's the best in the world. She gave us a big pack but it  was so yummy that only 3 pieces reached K.L.

Papa and Mamarazzi made a stop at Temerloh to have early dinner and bought "Jumping Fish" for me. It's actually Patin Fish but I call it Jumping Fish coz the first time I saw this fish , it jumps a lot.

Yesterday Mamarazzi  cooked the fish for me. She steamed it with some vegetables  and added Tanghoon on top. Yummy! i love it.

Aiyo...must really ban Mamarazzi from Facebook  liao. She saw one of  the sponsor site advertised this dish . There she goes again. Experiment .  I didn't eat but she ate. Not bad wor she said.

However, I did have the "burnt" wonton. Nice..until i bite on the dried oyster. Aiyoyo...why she put dried oyster leh. Am same as Uncle SK. we don't like dried oyster.

This sea cucumber with broccoli and mixed vegetables dish is supposed for me and Papa as it have our favourite vege but my taste changed again. Papa finished most of it.

Last but not least baby cabbage soup with minced meat.

Eat liao full full can continue play tablet sleep liao. last day of CNY school holiday .  Tomorrow start  classes again loh.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Xin Nian Kuai Le/Happy New Year

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. Early morning I went with Papa to the temple to offer food to our ancestors .

See! Mamarazzi got me this lovely Tee. Gong Hey Fatt Choy which means abundance of wealth  to you. 

May you have plenty of "pomelo". In Cantonese , pomelo is known as "luk yau" which sound like "lor yau" (have abundance ). May you have abundance of everything .

Till we meet again...Ciao!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Mamarazzi's Daily Projects

This year Mamarazzi made quite a few Nian Gao but all not nice. Only 4 survived.

But am the happiest when her Nian Gao burst. I get to eat it while it's soft and goey. super  yummy .

As she was getting frustrated with the nian gao making, she used the extra banana leaves to make this instead.

It's  called Banh Tet. Vietnamese  Zhang . They make it for  their new year i heard.

Heard it needs 8 to 10 hours of cooking but Mamarazzi used pressure cooker. Cooked in 3 hours.

After that project, it was followed by honeycomb  biscuit. Tough "cookies" to make. Hard to  get the texture and color right. And it's  even harder get the oil out.

When Mamarazzi  asked me if i want to try this,  i told her i rather not as it's  too oily.

Managed to get cheap Chinese Arrowhead Root . Fried another 10kg for friends and family.

That evening, Mamarazzi spotted an advertisement in Facebook about Cornflakes cookies.

The next morning while i attended Funland ( yup i still go to Funland and listen to story about Jesus), Mamarazzi zoomed o the nearest bakery supplies shop and bought the ingredients .  

Very easy to  make. I helped Mamarazzi to arrange the cups in the tray and make sure they don't fly away as the fan was on . Need to put the cornflakes, nuts, seeds and berries mixture into the cups fast before it harden.

The second project of that day was Chicky
The 1st batch the other day was just enough to give to friends and supposed for my teachers. 

Mamarazzi gave me 4 boxes for 4 of my teachers. Asked me once reached the school immediately  go to Teachers Room and give out .

But....i went to my class instead...after a ding and a dong...some how...i dunno why and i dunno how..Mamarazzi's instructions  seems to have gone with the wind....i end up selling 2 boxes to my friends. 

Came home i dare not tell Mamarazzi until she questioned me and found out. Kaboom!

Hence the need to make some  more for my teachers.

Making the chicky was a joy . Then Mamarazzi heard Papa asking about Kok Chai. 

Google...found the recipe. seems pretty easy. Just mix the grounded peanuts, sesame seeds and sugar. Then stuff them into the pastry.

Woke up 6am to  make it. Thought 1-2 hours will be done. That 1-2 hours went on till 1pm...which made me nearly late for my school activities.

She made two types. The sweet peanuts filling and the spicy dried sambal shrimps. 

Not easy..not easy...whole day only managed to make 3 tiny tubs.

Luckily Papa helped her to fry.

This morning  while I was in school , she used the leftover sambal to make this sambal popiah

Then finally the meat floss popiah.

Papa was in charge of the frying department .  Managed to get 1 tub of these. Hopefully can last till Chinese New Year  lah.

Kitchen officially closed now.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Happy New Year - Frying, Baking and Steaming Momster is Back

Hello again! i am back...for dunno how long . Am now in morning class . Gotta wake up super early daily to go to school.

Mamarazzi still blur blur daily coz not enough snooze.

Very long time have not been posting as she was lazy ...lazy to blog that is. Instead, she have been busy experimenting in the kitchen.

She saw people posting up home baked "bak Kua"(dried meat) , she also keen to experiment .  Bak Kua nowadays  very expensive. RM60 to Rm80 per 600gm depending  where you buy.

She made some. Low sugar as Papa can't take much of sugar. Texture was nice but taste wise not so good. Probably  coz she reduced the amount of the sugar. wonder price of bak kua so expensive. Bought RM10 minced meat, can get about 9pieces of the bak kua only.

Opps...she was busy chatting online with friend. Hence the bak kua got burnt a bit. Still edible.

Finished with that project, Papa and Mamarazzi went and bought 20kg of Arrow Heads.

Mamarazzi turned into frying monster last weekend fried all 20kg of arrow head chips.

I helped. I helped to eat. Papa too.

Nah...i got help to sell la. But my classmate asked me to give for free pulak.

Wei wei easy to fry leh. Mamarazzi stood infront of the hot wok from morning to midnight leh...can't  feel her feet already leh. I helped massaged her feet and put warm socks for her.

Glad to announce...all 20kg fully sold off...minus a few kg eaten by  Papa and me.

Since am so good to her, Mamarazzi made a surprise  for me. Yup...she made Nian Gao (Chinese  New Year sticky cake) for me. I love Nian Gao coz its so sweet.

While steaming Nian Gao for me , she saw friends posted up about making German Cookies.

Her friend made Chicken shaped german cookies coz this year is the  year of  the Rooster according  to the Chinese Calender.

She made 2 shapes. Which one do you like the most? Left or right?

Well...that's  all for now. Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

My Little Christmas Shopping / Chomping & WInter Fest at MidValley

 Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? It's the last week before Christmas. I don;t know why but I feel so excited this year.  Kept pestering Mamarazzi to put up the Christmas tree and when the tree is up, I kept counting the days.

Asked Papa and Mamarazzi when can we go Christmas Shopping. Finally  we done it last Friday.  Went to Midvalley Shopping Mall very early in the morning but there were many who are earlier than us.

 Time for "wefie". Mamarazzi seems to have grown two "tanduk", 

 Jingle bells, Jingle bells, 
Jingle all the way,
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

McDonald, McDonald,
McDonald hash brown
Oh! what fun it to munch
while Mamarazzi is snapping all the way. 

 Can't stop chomping. 

 This year no Planner   or storybook given by Midvalley. Instead, they have this little book for use to go hunting for stamp. As a fun game gua. No prizes.

I had fun hunting the secret locations of the stamps while Christmas shopping at the same time.

 Got our Christmas shopping done pretty fast and headed toward the gift wrapping counter.

This year they have very attractive gift wrapping. 


 After Christmas shopping all done, it is time to browse around. Saw there is something called Winter Fest at the exhibition Center upstairs. Not sure what is is but since free entry, we went in too lah.

 Alamak... this post looks like someone pulak.'s a mixed fair. Got electrical goods, food, toys and some other stuffs. 

 Mamarazzi say can see cannot buy... so i look only lor. 

 Caught a Pikachu

 After that we head to the food fair side. Fuiyoh...loads of free testing . 

 yay! just in time for Free Cotton Candy

 Yup! 1pm to 1.30pm is free cotton candy time. 

 Loads of food too sample. There were cakes, cookies, biscuits, ham sausages , popcorn and many more.  I walked a few rounds there and my tummy full liao lo. Thirsty also have free drinks leh.

 Ho! Ho! Ho!

 Mamarazzi asked me to choose some Pretz. RM10 for 4 packets . Buy 4 free 1. And i told her I purposely choose this coz I knew she like to eat this flavour.

Came home very happy and start putting the pressie under the tree.

We don't have snow here but the other day we had a snowflake in the garden. It's Snowflake Water Lily. blooming for the first time . Yay! Christmas is coming.

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